COVAXIN is Safe, Highly Immunogenic in 2-18 Years Old – The Lancet Review

Bharat Biotech today announced COVAXIN Latest Peer Review published in the Lancet Infectious Disease Journal . The company stated, the peer review of BBV152 (COVAXIN), its whole-virion inactivated COVID-19 vaccine candidate, has proven to be safe, well-tolerated, and highly immunogenic in paediatric subjects in phase II/III study.

The study has been accepted and published in Lancet Infectious diseases, peer reviewed high impact factor journal. Check out the link to the peer review by the lancet

Bharat Biotech had conducted phase II/III, open-label, and multicentre study to evaluate the safety, reactogenicity, and immunogenicity COVAXIN in healthy children and adolescents in 2-18 years of age group.

Highlights of COVAXIN Latest Peer Review and its Journey

  • This data is now peer reviewed and published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases a high impact factor journal (
  • COVAXIN is one of the first COVID-19 vaccines in the world to generate data in 2–18-year age group
  • COVAXIN® has been extensively studied and published, demonstrating a very high-level of data transparency. All aspects of COVAXINÒ product development have been published extensively with 14 publications
  • Data from over 50 million doses given to children in India reveals that side effects are minimal
  • Safety of COVAXIN in both adults and children are now well established. Data on pharmacovigilance and AEFI after introduction in several countries are very positive. Vaccine related cases of AEFI’s such as myocarditis, blood clots, pericarditis, were not reported
  • COVAXIN, the Whole-Virion inactivated SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (BBV152) has proven to be safe, well-tolerated, and immunogenic in paediatric subjects in phase II/III study. Neutralizing antibodies in children on an average 1.7 times higher than in adults
  • The same dosage of COVAXIN, can be administered to adults and children, for primary immunization and booster doses, making it a Universal Vaccine

The clinical trial conducted in the pediatric population between June 2021 to September 2021 has shown safety, less reactogenic, and robust immunogenicity. The data was submitted to the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) during October 2021, and received a nod for emergency use in children aged 6-18years.

Dr. Krishna Ella, Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Biotech, said, “Safety of the vaccine is critical for children and we are glad to share that COVAXINÒ has now proven data for safety and immunogenicity in children. We have now achieved our goal of developing a safe and efficacious COVID-19 vaccine for adults and children, for primary immunization and booster doses, making COVAXINÒ a universal vaccine. It has proven to be a highly safe vaccine based on data from more than 50 million doses administered to children in India. Vaccines are a great preventive tool; the power of vaccines can only be harnessed if used prophylactically.”

In the study, no serious adverse event was reported. A total of 374 adverse events were reported, and the majority of adverse events were mild in nature and resolved within 1 day. Pain at the injection site was the most commonly reported adverse event.

COVAXIN, is formulated uniquely such that the same dosage can be administered to adults and children alike, for primary and booster doses, making it truly a universal vaccine. COVAXIN is a ready to use liquid vaccine, stored at 2-8°C, with 12 months shelf life and multi dose vial policy.

COVAXIN clinical is one of the highest published data in Medical Journals

COVAXIN latest peer review 2022

Whole virion inactivated vaccines have proven to be safe, tolerable with a safety track record of several decades. Several paediatric vaccines manufactured using this platform technology are utilized in routine immunization for primary immunization and booster doses. Several flu vaccines also utilize this manufacturing platform technology, which is safe and effective for repeated annual immunization doses and boosters.

Bharat Biotech has a stockpile of more than 50 million doses of COVAXINÒ ready to be distributed as required.

Bharat Biotech has established COVAXIN® manufacturing to reach an annualized capacity of 1 billion doses by the end of 2021.

More about COVAXIN® –


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