“AIS for Taxpayers” App Review: Key Features, User Benefits and Glitches

    The Income Tax Department of India has launched a new mobile application, ‘AIS for Taxpayer,’ that will allow taxpayers to view their Annual Information Statement (AIS) and Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS) in one comprehensive view. This app, with a user friendly interface, and simplified features is provided free of cost and is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

    Here are some of the benefits and features of AIS for Tax Payer app:

    1. Taxpayers can use the app to view their information related to TDS/TCS, interest, dividends, share transactions, tax payments, Income Tax refunds, and Other Information like GST Data, Foreign Remittances, etc. as available in AIS/TIS.
    2. The app also allows the taxpayers to provide feedback on the information displayed.
    3. To access the app, the taxpayer needs to register on the app by providing PAN number, authenticate with the OTP sent on mobile number & e-mail registered on the e-filing portal, and set a 4-digit PIN.

    This mobile app is part of the Income Tax Department’s effort to enhance taxpayer services and facilitate ease of compliance. With this app, taxpayers can easily view their tax-related information on their mobile phones, making it a more accessible and convenient way to stay up-to-date with their tax obligations.

    This initiative will benefit taxpayers by reducing the burden of tracking their tax-related information and streamlining the compliance process. Taxpayers can now quickly and easily access their tax information from their mobile phones, saving them time and effort.

    Thenewsfacts Review: AIS For Taxpayer App

    The AIS for Taxpayer app launched by the Income Tax Department of India, aiming to provide taxpayers with a comprehensive view of their information as available in the Annual Information Statement (AIS) / Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS). Our team attempted to use the app and here’s what we found.

    Downloading and setting up the app was effortless, with a size of just 12MB, and more than 100,000 people have already downloaded it from the Play Store. However, we faced an glitch with the OTP authentication process. Even with valid registered mobile numbers and email addresses, we didn’t receive the OTP immediately. Upon checking the Play Store reviews, we found out that several other users expressed similar issues.

    While some users received the OTP after a long duration, some were unable to log back in using their MPIN and had to start the process again. This issue needs to be addressed by the Income Tax Department to ensure a seamless experience for taxpayers and leverage it to its full potential.

    Here are some of the user experiences in the app store. A user in the app store wrote – I recently tried to set up an MPIN on the App and unfortunately, The process of receiving an OTP through both my mobile number and email was also not seamless. There were instances when the OTPs didn’t arrive at the same time. Overall, while I appreciate the added security measures, the technical difficulties that I encountered have made the process cumbersome and inconvenient. I hope that you can address these issues and streamline the user experience for setting up MPINs and receiving OTP.

    Another user wrote – Great! It’s very handy. The results are good. he expressed – Each time I logout, I need to feed all details and register a new pin as if I am using it for the first time, he urged this issue need to be addressed to make it more seamless.

    Overall, the AIS for Taxpayer app is a commendable initiative by the Income Tax Department, providing enhanced taxpayer services and facilitating ease of compliance. However, the issues faced during the OTP authentication process need to be addressed to ensure a hassle-free experience for taxpayers.


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