ATF Tightens Noose, Probes Seema Haider’s Alleged Ties with ISI

    In a gripping development, the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of Uttar Pradesh Police has intensified its investigation into the case of Pakistani citizen Seema Haider, who entered India illegally back in May. Joined by her Indian partner Sachin Meena and his father, Netrapal Singh, Seema is currently under questioning in Greater Noida’s Sector 58 area.

    The ATS, along with the Intelligence Bureau (IB), has placed Seema under scrutiny due to suspicions of her potential links with the Pakistan army and the notorious Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). This development raises grave concerns over national security and has garnered nationwide attention.

    Seema Haider first made headlines when she was arrested on July 4 for illegally crossing the Nepal border into India with her four children. However, the 27-year-old was later released on bail after a local court ruled that her intention was not malevolent, but rather to settle with her Indian partner Sachin Meena in Greater Noida.

    This isn’t the first incident of its kind. In a similar episode back in 2015, another Pakistani woman, Chanda Khan, managed to infiltrate India, traveling over 100 kilometers on the highly monitored Samjhauta Express, which has been suspended since the abrogation of Section 370 from Kashmir in 2019.

    With Seema Haider‘s mobile data being retrieved and sent to a forensic lab, crucial details concerning sensitive matters are expected to surface, especially considering her uncle and brother’s alleged connections with the Pakistan Army.

    The investigations are also focusing on how Seema Haider managed to enter India without a visa, prompting authorities to closely examine her passport, Aadhar card, and documents related to her children.

    Adding to the tension, a fringe right-wing group in Greater Noida has issued a stern warning, threatening protests if Haider is not deported from the country within 72 hours. The situation remains tense as authorities grapple with the complexities surrounding her stay in India.

    Seema Haider Emotional appeal to media

    Seema’s case has captivated the nation, with media outlets covering her unlikely journey to India, where she reunited with Sachin Meena, whom she initially connected with through the online game PUBG. The couple’s love story has taken an unexpected twist, leading to a legal and security investigation that has captured public intrigue.

    In an emotional appeal to the media, Seema asserted her desire to remain in India with Sachin, also claiming to have converted to Hinduism. However, her family and neighbors in Pakistan expressed reluctance to have her return, further entangling the human aspect of this riveting saga.

    As the investigation unfolds, the nation holds its breath, anticipating what new revelations may come to light regarding Seema Haider, her past, and her potential ties to the Pakistani Army and ISI. The ATS remains steadfast in its mission to ensure the safety and security of the country.


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