5 Simple Steps to Download Battle Grounds Mobile India iOS in India

    The much-awaited Battle Grounds Mobile India iOS version 2021 is now available for download in India. BGMI iOS version is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. The highly anticipated iOS BGMI announcement and release date has been doing rounds for a very long time now.

    The BGMI Android version has already been released on July 2, 2021.

    5 Steps: How to download Battle Ground Mobile India in India for iOS

    1. Go to Apple App Store
    2. Search for Battlegrounds Mobile India
    3. Wait for the game to download
    4. After installing the game, log in to the game and select the graphics settings pack
    5. Voila! You can start playing the game

    Krafton, the game developer, released a statement today stating, ‘We would like to inform you that login with Apple ID is now available. We will continue to provide you a pleasant gaming environment.’ (sic)

    The company has also announced the BGMI iOS app’s maintenance schedule. Battlegrounds Mobile India recommended system requirements: above iPhone 6S or iOS 9.0 or high.

    The most awaited Battle Grounds Mobile India is finally out in India

    There is a chance that the game might not show up for everyone initially, but wait for some time and try to download again.

    Check out the video of Battle Grounds Mobile India launched in India

    Krfaton is also providing players with special rewards which include items like cards, skins and more. The company is currently hosting Independence Day Mohatsav, which will end on August 19. The players will be rewarded with a temporary AWM skin. This reward can be redeemed for one month only.


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