ChatGPT Conversations: Unlock More Control with New Custom Instructions

    In a significant breakthrough, OpenAI is granting users unprecedented control over their ChatGPT conversations with the introduction of “Custom Instructions.” Addressing the desire for a more tailored and efficient AI experience, this cutting-edge feature empowers users to shape ChatGPT’s responses according to their specific preferences. Say goodbye to repetitive prompts and embrace a new era of personalized interactions.

    Let’s check out how “Custom Instructions” are revolutionizing the AI landscape, providing users with the keys to unlock a more seamless and dynamic conversation with ChatGPT.

    Despite its popularity, users have long desired a crucial improvement: continuous memory. OpenAI has taken heed of this feedback and introduced “Custom Instructions” to address the issue. This exciting new feature allows users to provide specific instructions to ChatGPT, shaping its responses in a more personalized and efficient manner.

    Gone are the days of repeatedly inputting instruction prompts during each interaction with the AI chatbot. With Custom Instructions, users can set preferences, and ChatGPT will remember them for all future conversations.

    The benefits of ChatGPT Custom Instructions are manifold

    Improved Accuracy: By customizing instructions, users can ensure ChatGPT focuses on the most relevant information, leading to more accurate responses.

    Increased Relevance: Custom Instructions allow Chat GPT to tailor its responses to the user’s specific interests and needs, resulting in more relevant answers.

    Improved Tone: With the ability to understand desired tones, Chat GPT can adjust its responses accordingly, ensuring more effective and appropriate communication.

    OpenAI’s blog states, The AI will consider your custom instructions for every conversation going forward. The model will consider the instructions every time it responds, so you won’t have to repeat your preferences or information in every conversation.”

    For instance, a teacher crafting a lesson plan can simply mention that they’re teaching 3rd-grade science once, and it will be understood by Chat GPT. Developers preferring efficient code in a language other than Python can specify their preference just once. Even grocery shopping for large families becomes easier, as ChatGPT can account for specific quantities in the grocery list.

    To use Custom Instructions on ChatGPT, simply follow these steps:

    For iOS: Open the Chat GPT app, go to settings, and turn on the Custom Instructions option.
    For Web: Open ChatGPT, click on your name in the bottom left corner, tap on Custom Instructions, and enter your instructions in the provided text boxes. Don’t forget to save your preferences.

    Currently available to Chat GPT Plus users, OpenAI plans to make the feature accessible to all users soon, with the exception of users in the UK and EU for now.

    Eventually, OpenAI’s launch of Custom Instructions marks a far reaching enrichment in large language models. This empowering feature puts users in the driver’s seat, enabling them to harness Chat GPT’s capabilities with more precision and control, ultimately leading to improved accuracy and engagement in AI-driven conversations.


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