Cold Case Movie Review: an unusual cop thriller

    Prithviraj Sukmaran Cold Case Movie Review, in one word is a bold new experiment that keeps you hooked to the end. The movie takes you into the paranormal world, and the director has made uncommon attempt to make the movie a paranormal-cop thriller Tanu Balak’s directorial debut, begins with a fisherman discovering a skull in the backwaters of Thiruvananthapuram.

    When this becomes a news, the Police Commissioner commissions Prithviraj Sukumaran as ACP Sathyajith IPS, as the cop in-charge of the investigation and Aditi Balan as Medha Padmaja an investigative journalist who has produced a show on paranormal cases.

    What is interesting in the film is that the new talents were given due credit and screen space in this movie. The paranormal in the movie was beautifully channelled through the character of Suchitra Pillai as Zara Zacchai.

    Two characters working towards the same goal on different paths; logic and faith are taken through a roller coaster ride as they try to solve the murder. Despite the hype and anticipation, it looses grip somewhere in between as the director is seemingly trying to connect two different worlds, which kinds of difficult to weave.

    Cold Case is a bold new attempt, which keeps you thrilled to the end

    Though, the alternation between the lives and investigational journey of the lead characters was an interesting way to move the story forward. Prithviraj is brilliant, as he meticulously unravels the mystery around death. His character stood in contrast with the typical boisterous police investigators he has played earlier.

    Opening with parallel possibilities and multiple could be murderers, the movie does make the audience glued to the TV, particularly during the first half. However, moving toward the climax, it slackens a tad bit and makes you feel that it could have been better..

    Cold Case is Prithviraj’s first OTT release on Amazon Prime. As a movie without the masala love triangle or action sequences, it somehow loses the charm that usually expected from a movie. However, there are a lot of unanswered questions which should have been addressed.

    Prakash Alex, sets the mood right in the movie with his music. That is one of the major highlights of the movie along with the cinematography, by Gireesh Gangadharan. Also, movie enthusiasts and fans of Prithviraj can take a go at finding out the cross-references to other crime thriller movies within this movie. Numerology again pops in and out of the movie with subtle hints, keeping the viewers entertained.

    The blending of natural with the unnatural is quite successfully done in the film. With cross-references to the ongoing pandemic and the movie being shot during it, the cast and crew have made the movie a success in its own manner. It is a difficult genre to dable with but the director has done a fab work and opens up windows for such experimental films ahead.

    Movie: Cold Case

    Director: Tanu Balak

    Cast:Prithviraj Sukumaran, Suchitra Pillai, Aditi Balan


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