Five substitutions for the first time in FIFA World Cup history

    FIFA World Cup 2022 made history today at Doha Qatar made with five substitutions for the first time.

    The International Football Association Board (IFAB) announced that the use of five substitutes, which was added as a rule change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, will be formally incorporated into the Laws of the Game on Monday at a meeting in Doha.

    On the agenda of the governing body also held discussions and potential decisions regarding concussion substitutes and semiautomated offside technology.

    Since the pandemic’s emergence in 2020, a team was only allowed a maximum of five substitutions instead of three.

    Although its use in various contests will continue to be up to the organisation of the matches, it will now be permanent.

    For instance, the Premier League only permitted three substitutions for its final two seasons after allowing five when the notion was first proposed by FIFA in May 2020. They have, however, consented to the use of five substitutes beginning with the next season.

    The IFAB stated that, excluding changes made at halftime, the five changes per team would continue to be permitted to be made in no more than three opportunities.

    In the event that a game goes into overtime, a potential sixth substitution may be made.

    The IFAB’s changes will start from July 1.

    FIFA World Cup 2022 makes history today

    The body, founded in 1886 to act as the guardians of the laws of the game, will also discuss concussion substitutes and semi-automated Video Assistant Referee technology.

    Trials of what IFAB termed ‘additional permanent concussion substitutions’ started last year.

    The IFAB said where there is any doubt about a player having been concussed the players should be protected by being “permanently” removed from the match and to facilitate this, the player’s team should not suffer a numerical disadvantage by prioritizing the player’s welfare.

    In today’s FIFA World Cup match England plays Iran


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