Hyderabad’s Rain Dance Party: Pythons Come Out to Play, as Rains Prepare for a Grand Exit

    Unexpected and Bizarre: Hyderabad’s Cityscape Transformed by a Python Invasion! Amidst the city’s recent deluge, an astonishing phenomenon has emerged – pythons making their grand entrance in multiple locations. In just the past two days, not one, not two, but a total of six majestic snakes have been spotted, and the rescue teams have been working tirelessly to save four of these elusive reptiles.

    it seems the recent heavy rainfall played a pivotal role in their unusual appearances. Over the past two days, six sightings of these magnificent snakes were reported, with four of them being successfully rescued.

    One particularly intriguing sighting occurred at Puranapul, as a Twitter user shared a captivating video of a large snake gracefully twirling inside the floodwater among scattered garbage. The date of the post was July 27.

    Another incident, also on July 27, involved a python spotted elegantly crossing a road in Kukatpally. Additionally, users shared an image of another python near Pragathi Nagar. Speculation arose that both images might have been of the same reptile, given the potential time lapse between the sightings.

    Avinash Viswanathan, the General Secretary of the esteemed “Friends of Snakes Society,” confirmed that their team had successfully rescued four large snakes on July 26 and 27 from various locations, namely Gajularamaram, Nagole, Mehdipatnam, and Bandlaguda Jagir.

    Python Sighting not uncommon says Experts

    While these sightings may seem alarming, it is not uncommon for pythons to find shelter in burrows created by bandicoots within the city. The recent heavy rainfall might have inadvertently forced these snakes out of their hiding spots. Nevertheless, Mr. Viswanathan reassures that python rescue calls in the city are a familiar occurrence.

    In the midst of this intriguing python phenomenon, there’s some good news for the rain-weary Hyderabadis. Weather officials predict that the relentless rains will gradually subside from Friday, offering much-needed relief. Dr. A. Sravani, a Scientist at the India Meteorological Department in Hyderabad, shares that the intensity of rain is expected to decrease, eventually leading to milder showers on Friday. From Saturday onwards, the rain gods are set to take a well-deserved break, allowing the warm sun to shine brightly and rejuvenate the city.

    So, it seems that as the pythons find their way into the limelight during this rainy episode, the city of Hyderabad can look forward to bidding farewell to the downpour, welcoming brighter and drier days ahead!What could be the cause of this extraordinary migration? The answer might lie in the relentless downpour that has inundated the city, leading these elusive creatures to seek higher ground. Witness the captivating tale of how heavy rainfall paved the way for a surprising python parade in Hyderabad!


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