Ramadan 2022: The Significance of Iftar, Sehri of this Holy Month

    Ramadan 2022– The holy month is likely to start from 2 April. Muslims around the world will observe the holy month with fasting, charity and prayers.

    According to a report, this year, the first moon sighting of the holy month is expected on 2 April and the first day of fasting will be on 3 April. The dates will be confirmed only after the moon is sighted.

    During Ramadan, also called Ramzan, Muslims fast (roza) from sunrise to sunset for an entire month. The month of Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, ends with Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations, which will be held on 2 or 3 May this year.

    In a message to the Nation Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote Ramzan greetings to everyone. We recall the pious thoughts of Paighambar Mohammad Sahab, who highlighted the importance of harmony, kindness and charity. These are also the virtues the Holy Month of Ramzan stands for.

    During this sacred time, Muslims observe roza, which means they do not consume food or water from sunrise to sunset. The pre-dawn meal partaken by the community is referred to as ‘sehri’ and the meal taken after the fast is called ‘iftar’. The fast is broken after the Magrib azan, call for evening prayer, is sounded.

    Furthermore, the last day of fasting is expected to be held on 1 May as Ramadan takes place between one sighting of the crescent moon and the next.

    As the crescent moon marks the start of the month, therefore, the chand raat or moon sighting holds a lot of significance this month.

    Before Ramadan begins, religious authorities around the world track the position of the moon to correctly mark the start of the holy month. According to reports, observers are ordered to be in a remote and unpolluted location so that they can properly keep track of the moon’s sighting.

    Ramadan Iftar Timings, Sehri date, time and schedule

    April 03: Sehri 04:49 am/ Iftar 6:41 pm
    April 04: Sehri 04:47 am/ Iftar 6:42 pm
    April 05: Sehri 04:46 am/ Iftar 6:42 pm
    April 06: Sehri 04:45 am/ Iftar 6:43 pm
    April 07: Sehri 04:43 am/ Iftar 6:43 pm
    April 08: Sehri 04:42 am/ Iftar 6:44 pm
    April 09: Sehri 04:41 am/ Iftar 6:45 pm
    April 10: Sehri 04:40 am/ Iftar 6:45 pm
    April 11: Sehri 04:38 am/ Iftar 6:46 pm
    April 12: Sehri 04:37 am/ Iftar 6:46 pm
    April 13: Sehri 04:36 am/ Iftar 6:47 pm
    April 14: Sehri 04:35 am/ Iftar 6:47 pm
    April 15: Sehri 04:33 am/ Iftar 6:48 pm
    April 16: Sehri 04:32 am/ Iftar 6:48 pm
    April 17: Sehri 04:31 am/ Iftar 6:49 pm
    April 18: Sehri 04:30 am/ Iftar 6:50 pm
    April 19: Sehri 04:28 am/ Iftar 6:50 pm
    April 20: Sehri 04:27 am/ Iftar 6:51 pm
    April 21: Sehri 04:26 am/ Iftar 6:51 pm
    April 22: Sehri 04:25 am/ Iftar 6:52 pm
    April 23: Sehri 04:24 am/ Iftar 6:53 pm
    April 24: Sehri 04:22 am/ Iftar 6:53 pm
    April 25: Sehri 04:21 am/ Iftar 6:54 pm
    April 26: Sehri 04:20 am/ Iftar 6:54 pm
    April 27: Sehri 04:19 am/ Iftar 6:55 pm
    April 28: Sehri 04:18 am/ Iftar 6:55 pm
    April 29: Sehri 04:17 am/ Iftar 6:56 pm
    April 30: Sehri 04:16 am/ Iftar 6:57 pm
    May 01: Sehri 04:15 am/ Iftar 6:57 pm
    May 02: Sehri 04:13 am/ Iftar 6:58 pm


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