Google RCS for businesses in India deactivated amidst spam fears

    Google RCS services for Businesses in India is reportedly deactivated. The Rich Communication Services (RCS) for businesses in the country were deactivated, after reports of spam from some corporations in India.

    Since last month, an increasing number of Indian users have expressed dissatisfaction with the large quantity of advertisements that appear in the Google Messages app. For the same reason, many users have stopped using Google Messages, prompting the tech giant to shut the service.

    Google stated in a statement that certain Indian businesses are misusing its anti-spam procedures to deliver promotional messages to users.

    “We are aware that some businesses are abusing our anti-spam policies to send promotional messages to users in India. We are disabling this feature in India while we work with the industry to improve the experience for users,” Google told Android Authority.

    RCS, or Rich Communication Services, is a service developed by a number of industry players to bring modern features such as richer texts and end-to-end encryption to the traditional SMS.

    Some of the features also include categorisation and the ability to chat with other users in a similar way that Apple users might use iMessage.

    The Silicon Valley giant is positioning itself to be the future of SMS messaging, with a majority of Android smartphones in the country coming with Google’s SMS app as the default messaging app. Therefore, the move comes as a setback for Google.

    Businesses Claim Google RCS uses to send unsolicited ads

    Google RCS
    Google RCS deactivated for Business in India amidst spam concerns

    In India, the problem is that a lot of businesses including top banks and other big companies have been abusing RCS to send unsolicited ads to any phone number they can find in the country.

    A number of smartphone makers, including the likes of Samsung, along with telecom operators and other stakeholders have rolled out support for Google RCS worldwide in recent years. Last month, Google said that RCS had crossed over 500 Mn monthly active users worldwide.

    The company had called for ‘every mobile operating system’ to support RCS at the last month’s developer conference, in a subtle dig at Apple. According to Google, businesses can reach users in a more interactive way with RCS.

    However, this has only prompted businesses to spam users with unrestricted ads, and enabling RCS in India is a bad time in general.

    Business messaging is something that has been done before – WhatsApp Business has polished its model to perfection. However, Google’s RCS allows businesses to spam users since there are too few checks and balances to stop companies from spamming users.


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