IndiaJoy 2021 Inspires Over 30 Big VFX Global Experts

    IndiaJoy 2021 has a big focus on Visual Effects, trends and advancements around it. VFX or digital visual effects is an integral part of filmmaking and television production, transforming the appearance of both animated and live-action sequences.

    When you look at movies and VFX, movies are a form of entertainment, and their power relies on the ability to make us feel like we are part of the story.

    Movies communicate their narrative through visuals and sound. It is all about how they make us feel like there is more than one thing happening in a scene by making them seem simultaneous.

    In Quentin Tarantino’s movie “Kill Bill,” he uses a jump cut to show that two different things might be happening at once – in this case, an assassin arriving at a hotel in Tokyo while The Bride is in her wedding dress. We only see the assassin arriving when The Bride opens her eyes from her sleep to see him standing next to her bed.

    Here is an interesting quote, the quote is about how actors and directors use motion capture to create the perfect shot.

    The quote comes from James Cameron, a popular director who has directed movies such as Avatar and Titanic. He has also pioneered the use of motion capture (mocap) in films such as The Terminator and Avatar. Cameron says that he always “kind of surprised” when actors stop acting and look into camera, because it’s usually done with the help of mocap.

    IndiaJoy 2021 attracts the biggest names from VFX industry

    Some of the biggest names from the VFX industry is attending the IndiaJoy 2021 which opens virtually on 16th of November.

    Top Names at this years IndiaJoy 2021 VFX Summit include

    • BIREN GHOSE, Country Head-Technicolor India Chairman-CII National AVGC Sub Committee
    • Andrew Lowell, Program Designer and Lead Instructor for the Houdini and Simulation program at The Animation Workshop, VIA University College
    • Ashish S.Kulkarni, Chairman – FICCI
    • Atul Rao, Professor, Mohawk College / Writer & Story EditorDARREN CRANFORD, Director and Co-Owner of Keyframe Digital and Krow VFX
    • Frederic Servant, Senior Arnold Development Manager- Autodesk
    • HaZ Dulull, Co-Founder, Director/ Producer – HAZFILM LTD
    • Jeremy Smith, CTO – Jellyfish Pictures

    What is VFX all about in today’s context?

    It is a form of post-production that involves recording and adding sounds and images to a film.

    Visual effects involves:

    1) Developing highly detailed three dimensional digital models of physical objects,

    2) Applying textures, surface properties, and other visual treatments to those models so that they resemble as closely as possible the look of natural objects or people in their environment,

    3) Adding computer generated imagery (CGI), sound effects, music or other audio tracks to these images.

    Movies with a lot of visual effects like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, or The Matrix have been around for a while. These movies have been made by using CGI and visual effects to produce the desired result. Movies with a lot of visual effects are usually expensive to produce, so it is hard for them to get noticed. Audiences might not know what the movie is about until they watch it.

    In order to make sure that audiences know that this type of movie is coming out and prices are high from the start, some films will put their name in the title such as Transformers: Age of Extinction or Avatar: The Last Airbender. Audiences will be more likely to go see these films because they know what they are going in for beforehand.

    IndiaJoy 2021, touted as Asia’s Biggest Digital Entertainment Festival will be a virtual event from 16th to 19th November 2021.


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