New WhatsApp Group Feature to surely excite users, check it out

    With its New WhatsApp Group’s feature, which will soon allow all of its users to have groups with up to 1024 members, the messaging app is making a huge move. This week, the feature was added to WhatsApp’s beta versions for Android and iOS, indicating that a general release is probably forthcoming.

    When someone wants to create a new WhatsApp Group, they will notice the option to add 1024 people to that group, and those with access to the beta version can try the new option.

    WhatsApp Group Feature with new option is exciting news for users

    WhatsApp is aware of the popularity and potential of the Groups feature, which has emerged as the go-to place for users to interact with many people on a single topic. The most well-liked ones are those for families, workplaces, and even those with members who enjoy the same TV shows, sports, and other activities.

    WhatsApp initially launched the Groups function with 256 users, then 512 users were later added. Users of WhatsApp will now be able to create groups with more than 1000 members. Even then, you might say that the figure falls well short of the 2 lakh members supported by Telegram for its groups, where people can reply, mention and communicate with a large group of people.

    Speaking about Telegram, its creator Pavel Durov recently claimed that WhatsApp has been used as a surveillance tool and that the platform’s encryption requirements are meaningless if it frequently experiences security flaws. His comments came a few days after WhatsApp released a crucial update that, according to reports, had security flaws that left users vulnerable to hackers.

    The messaging programme that we have been using for years is no longer WhatsApp. Today, WhatsApp allows businesses to connect with its users, which can sometimes result in an issue for individuals called WhatsApp spam.


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