WhatsApp New Browser Extension Code Verify Promises Browser Safety

    WhatsApp, in a move to protect the safety of its browser extension users, has announced the launch of a browser extension called Code Verify, that will let users know if the WhatsApp Web version they are using is authenticated.

    WhatsApp new extension manage two-step verification right within the web/desktop client, WhatsApp and Cloudflare is bringing something new that improves the security when using WhatsApp Web.

    According to the extension provider , the Web extension robotically checks the authenticity of the WhatsApp Web code being served to the users, and affirms that their messaging expertise is protected and never tampered with, the company owned by Meta announced.

    The Code Verify expansion has been created in association with Cloudflare, a Web infrastructure and safety firm. It’s available there as an open-source undertaking to let various organisations, groups, and people join the indistinguishable skill for their applications. Open-sourcing might help in obtaining contributions from builders worldwide to upgrade the extension over time.

    Code Verify by WhatsApp Where can you Download it?

    WhatsApp code verify browser extension promises safety

    Available for download on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, the Code Verify extension checks for the resources on the whole website page to confirm the credibility of the code when you open WhatsApp Web on your mobile or desktop browser.

    When the extension can’t verify the version of WhatsApp Web you are using, it shows three messages – Network Timed Out, Possible Risk Detected, and Validation Failure. Users can figure out additional information about these by tapping on the Code Verify extension icon on their toolbar when it is green, orange, or red.

    When you use WhatsApp Web, Code Verify can display different messages:

    Network Timed Out: an orange circle with a question mark will show up when your network has timed out.
    Possible Risk Detected: an orange circle with a question mark will show up when there is another extension that interferes with Code Verify.
    Validation Failure: the Code Verify icon will turn red and show an exclamation mark when the extension detects that you’re using a different and non-authentic code of WhatsApp Web.
    Validated: the Code Verify icon will turn green, so you’re using an authentic version of WhatsApp Web.

    WhatsApp‘s new extension is being introduced essentially to prevent users from utilising any noxious version of WhatsApp Web. Significantly, WhatsApp takes note that the new extension logs no information, metadata, or user data, and shares no data with WhatsApp. The extension additionally doesn’t read or get to your messages, WhatsApp said in its FAQ pages.


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