2023: Check Out Sachin Tendulkar’s New Food Obsession

    The God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, has taken a break from hitting home runs and has entered the kitchen to create a culinary storm. No longer content with just dining out, Sachin has taken the culinary world by storm with his love for food. From sautéed vegetables and orange curry to the quintessential til-gud ladoos, the legendary cricketer is whipping up a storm in the kitchen.

    Sachin’s love for food is not just limited to cooking, he’s a foodie at heart and loves to explore different cuisines from across the country. Recently, he travelled from Mumbai to Goa via Ahmedabad just to savor different flavors and taste different local foods. He even shared a reel on his Instagram, talking about how far he travelled just for food.

    The Master Blaster has shown us that he is not just a champion on the cricket field but also in the kitchen. He has made delicious meals for himself and his family, and his most recent attempt at making traditional til-gud ladoos was a huge success. He posted a reel on his Instagram, giving us a step-by-step process of how he made these heavenly delights.

    Sachin Tendulkar‘s love for food is well-known, and he has been seen indulging in various local cuisines from different parts of the country. From street food to fine dining, he has tried it all, and his food trail is a testament to his love for good food.

    One of Sachin Tendulkar‘s favorite dishes is the pav bhaji, a popular street food dish from Mumbai. He has been seen relishing this dish at various street food stalls and has even shared a picture on his social media handle, showing his love for this dish.

    Sachin Tendulkar’s new food obession? any guesses?

    Sachin Tendulkar New Food Obession
    Tendulkar’s new food obession – any guesses?

    Apart from pav bhaji, Sachin is also a big fan of seafood, and he has been seen trying different seafood dishes in Goa. The state of Goa is known for its rich seafood cuisine, and Sachin has made sure to try all the famous dishes whenever he visits the state. He has also shared a picture of himself relishing a seafood platter, and his love for seafood is quite evident from the picture.

    Sachin’s love for food is not just limited to eating. He is also a skilled cook and has been seen whipping up some delicious dishes in his kitchen. In one of his Instagram posts, Sachin was seen making a hearty breakfast for his family, including eggs, toast, and bacon. In another post, he was seen making a healthy salad, showing that he is not only a fan of junk food but also of healthy food.

    Sachin’s love for food has even inspired him to start a food blog, where he shares his love for food and cooking with his fans. He has been seen posting pictures of his meals and recipes, and his fans are always eager to try out his dishes.

    In conclusion, Sachin Tendulkar’s food trail is a testament to his love for good food. From street food to fine dining, he has tried it all, and his love for food is evident in all his social media posts. If you’re a foodie and a fan of Sachin, make sure to follow his food trail and be inspired to try new cuisines and dishes.


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