Barkha Dutt’s Danish Siddiqui Tweet Now Sparks Hate Messages

    Bharka Dutt is trending now on social media and why? – Twitteratis express intense dislike about her Danish Siddiqui Tweet. Read today’s top trolls bashing Barkha.

    Trollers had a hay day bashing journalist Barkha. The best of the lot about Barkha that will catch your attention is – 3 things essential for survival (in particular order) – Vaccination, Social Distancing and last but the most .. Barkha Duttstancing.

    The trolls started after Barkha tweeted and wrote: I normally don’t retweet hates and threats but the organised celebration of #danishsiddiqui death, the mocking of his work and responses like these to have me “replace “ him-this needs the calling out of scumbags . May each of you rot in hell.

    Barkha – shame on you

    Image courtesy – Barkha Instagram

    do you remember you almost binged upon hundreds of deaths, with your hungry camera on the corpses?? kabhi apne girebaan mein jhanko toh auron se saare gile shikve dur ho jayenge.

    TaIibani activist who allegedly kiIIed Danish Siddiqui, was a brilliant student in his school. But he couldn’t continue his studies because of poverty and second class treatment from Afghan Hindus. Hence, he was compelled to join hands with TaIiban.

    Vaccination, Social Distancing and last but the most .. Barkha Duttstancing

    As a precautionary measure I request everyone to disable commenting on insta or block Barkha Dutt. Loudly crying face -Palms up together

    Barkha Dutt, who was reporting army activities in Kargil war and Mumbai 26/11 attack, should now go to Afghanistan and report bravely.

    Thank god Barkha don’t know me and my Instagram profile is private Loudly crying face

    #RIP Danish, your unfinished work in Afghanistan would be taken over by award winning Marathon Journalist Barkha, Rajdeep, et al

    Reason why Hafeez Saeed used to call Barkha Dutt as friend? Now he and his ilk will be super impressed with Indian Journalists the way all are giving covering fire to Taliban by blaming RW government / Tweets by RWs/ Rohit Sardana ‘s debate / bullet that killed #DanishSiddiqui .

    First she took interviews and people were struck with tragedy.

    Then she started clicking pictures with them and it hit them misfortune.

    Now only using social media and writing on a person’s timeline will bring bad omen from Barkha Dutt Squinting face with tongue -Squinting face with tongue


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