Top Global Experts Predict the Future of Pharma in 2022 and Beyond

Predicting the future of pharma in 2022 and beyond is not easy yet top global experts have shared their views where the industry is heading in the next 5 years and more.

The Pharma industry plays a big role is improving healthcare and saving lives. Their importance have gone several notch above as the world grapples with the pandemic which made the world economy stand still for over 2 years and counting.

Time is money in the pharmaceutical industry. It can currently take as long as 10 years to get a drug developed, tested, approved and on the market. That leaves perhaps just another 10 years before patents expire and other drugmakers can copy it. But pharma executives reckon machine learning tools could get a treatment to market two years earlier, implying 12 years before loss of exclusivity, or 20% more revenue over a drug’s life.

Pharma Predictions 2022-2027

So what lies ahead for the industry, what can we expect. Read what experts have to say and think on what your priorities are for 2022 and beyond – the future of pharma is truly in your hands. This report was published by Reuters.

Check out what the experts have to say below:


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