Akshay’s BellBottom Review: A complete entertainer to break covid stress

    Bellbottom is a joy to watch – That’s the review in one sentence. Akshay Kumar’s as RAW agent, Code Name Bell Bottom, brings the thrill of watching a movie in a theater after a stressful 2 Covid waves. The actor has carried the character in the film remarkably, in an entertaining, cheerful comic book style. And rightfully Kangana had said – it’s a winner.

    BellBottom Review: It is quite a delightful family entertainer from start to finish has ensured that it never lets the audience lose its attention from the big screen. The situations and characters are a keep you entertained throughout.

    No Wonder, Celebrities are congratulating the team of ‘BellBottom’ for taking releasing this movie in theatres and probably it is the first movie post the second wave to open in theaters. And there is no denial of watching a movie in theatres after a very long time. However, soon after its release, ‘BellBottom’ has been leaked online and is reportedly available free for download.

    BellBottom Review – It’s a pure entertainer for the entire family

    Akshay Kumar revealed that there is scope for a sequel of ‘BellBottom’. When questioned about planning the sequel, the ‘Sooryavanshi’ actor was quoted saying by Bollywood Life, “Yes, if you see the way the film ended, there’s definitely scope for a sequel. So, let’s wait and see, if they (the makers) come with a good script, then we could work things out.”

    Based on a bunch of real-life hijackings of Indian Airlines planes in the 80s, has Akshay Kumar confronting it, with a bunch of supporting acts — Adil Hussain has done quite well to combine with him.

    One of the advantages of claiming that the story is just ‘inspired’ by real-life events is that you can stuff it with lots of make-believe: BellBottom and comely wife (Vaani Kapoor) get to exchange flirty dialogue, and a song; a let’s-hunt-the-bad-guys in a London outpost, where BellBottom shows us multiple uses of a Coke (if you are a spiffy secret agent and you are drawing a top-secret squiggle on a napkin, you need to dissolve it in soda, got it?).

    Your eye begins to roll, but the scene shifts swiftly: anything goes, if you keep it moving fast enough Dutta not only looks but sounds a bit like Mrs G, all thunderous control. Except in one place when she says ‘it is our collective bloody responsibility’ (‘b-y’, really?) to her table of strong men, and you start the eye roll again, but then she moves on. So do you.

    Akshay Kumar first film post lockdown BellBottom gets good reviews

    It’s not just her ministers and diplomats who are shown to be bumblers; the Pakistanis, smirking and flailing in turn, are buffoons too. Only RAW, the agency which is top dog (and has a smutty canine joke in there, delivered with a fabulous straight face by Hussain), headed by our indefatigable hero, wins the game. Tewari puts Akshay in the saddle, as it has to be in this kind of a film, and our sharply-mustachioed hero delivers handsomely, leading his band of braves into battle.

    The film reserves a tiny sting in its tail for its leading lady, rescuing her at the very last minute from being consigned to a decorative prop. Saving grace, but oh-so-slight. You wish that there was more to that strand. Huma Qureshi also gets a bit part, where ‘bit’ is the operative word: how do you insert interesting women into an all-boys club? And why is no one else sporting bell-bottoms, which was considered high style in those days? Never mind, moving on.

    ‘BellBottom’ works on its stated metrics of see, no complexities, everything easy. Fun and games and rat-a-tat action, and no hostages lost, just as they didn’t in real life after the rescue operation was pulled off successfully. We get the flag, but no strident flag waving. We get Bad Pakistani Terrorists who brainwash Hapless Indians, but no loud jingoism. Bad guys lose. Good guys win. Jai Hind.


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