Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan Notorious Body Shamming Acts

    Bigg Boss 15 contestant Afsana Khan has frequently been passing body disgracing remarks on the highly popular televised show. Last week, she called Bigg Boss visitor Heena Khan fat and this week, she passed a comparable remark on special case contestant Rajiv Adatia.

    Rajiv Adatia who entered the Bigg Boss 15 show in a past scene began crying when Afsana Khan remarked on his weight. During the captaincy task, Afsana taunted him by saying that he wouldn’t fit in the letters in order spaces, had he been the one partaking in the assignment.

    On this Rajiv freaked out and cautioned Afsana Khan not to converse with him that way. He made Afsana that she can quip with others however he (Rajiv) won’t endure such comments from her. He added, “Not all things are entertaining. You think a bit and talk.”

    Bigg Boss 15 Contestant Rajiv Cries after body shamming comment

    Bigg Boss – Afsana Khan Body Shams Rajiv Adatia

    Shamita concurred with him and requested that Afsana back down. She additionally told her that she regularly continues to do such things, as beforehand she passed a comparable remark on Heena. Afsana then, at that point, answered that they can likewise fat-disgrace her (Afsana) assuming they need.

    Later Rajiv went inside the house, begun crying and let Shamita know that he has an ailment behind his weight gain. Shamita attempted to support him and clarified that he ought not lose fortitude over such little things. She said, “You are more grounded than this.” But Rajiv, actually crying, said that she (Afsana) can’t offer such remarks.

    Some other time when Afsana went into the house and saw Rajiv crying in a corner on account of her remarks, she was sorry and embraced him. Shamita then, at that point, clarified Afsana that Rajiv is having a thyroid issue.


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