BTS Jin urges fans to stop sharing his shirtless pictures, to join army service

    BTS Jin has urged fans to stop sharing his shirtless photos, he also divulged when he would be heading for military service. He revealed this when he was answering several questions on Weverse, and was experiencing a range of emotions on the Night of Saturday.

    When a fan questioned the vocalist about his upcoming birthday—December 4—he responded that he wouldn’t be able to celebrate with his followers as usual since he would be on the front lines at that time.

    Upon hearing this, ARMY was pretty devastated, as one supporter stated, “I forgot that he was going, considering he’s been busy with so many things lately.” Another added, “It hurts to hear it coming from him.”

    BTS Jin urges fans to focus on his face not unclad pics

    On a lighter note, one fan shared his shirtless photo, where his ‘7’ tattoo can be seen, along with other photos of his. Jin answered, “Don’t share stuff like this, focus on my face instead,” which brought some smiles to ARMY.

    After an emotional rendition of his most recent hit, Astronaut, with Coldplay, Jin had the opportunity to say farewell to the ARMY in person during the final week of October. Despite the ongoing discussion about exemption, the singer and his bandmates stated that he had been preparing for his military duty for more than two years and had really intended to enlist immediately following the release of the album BE in 2020.

    BTS Jin continued to play, though, as the band reached new heights and tunes like Butter and Permission to Dance became hits. The BTS Jin‘s band’s final scheduled performance was in Busan, and although he had intended to quit in June 2022, the other members convinced him to stick around. The remaining members’ schedules are still up in the air, although it is anticipated that they will meet again in 2025.

    The release of RM’s new album, Indigo, is scheduled for December 2, but there are rumours that V, Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook will all release solo albums before the beginning of the next year.


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