Cirkus is a Circus full of let-down, Rohit Ranveer Fails Expectations

    Cirkus is a circus and does not come anyway near entertaining you, it just takes you through a painful journey of expectations that will leave you totally dissatisfied.

    The reviews that followed watching the film speaks volume about the disappointment all around. One called Cirkus “the worst movie ever”, others called it the “biggest letdown of 2022”. Netizens have criticized the movie by commenting on its below-average screenplay, cringe dialogues, and overhyped acting of the star cast. People have given a clear thumbs-down to the Ranveer Singh-starrer calling it “Unfunny”.

    Ranveer Singh, built a lot of expectations with his nude photoshoot than he does with this double role, despite one of the characters being named “Electric Man”. It is difficult to grab the storyline of Cirkus because you will be left not finding one.

    The narrative of Cirkus revolves around two sets of identical twins named Roy (Ranveer Singh) and Joy (Varun Sharma). One operates an orphanage, the other a circus, and the last one merely wanders around. Two of the Roy-Joys are twins who are split up at birth; it takes them 28 years to reunite.

    The duo gets separated from each other at birth because of a doctor’s experiment. The film maker has tried to stimulate the emotions by touching taboos of the Indian society, child adoption and lineage. Despite a good story element, Cirkus has failed to impress the viewers who had high hopes from Rohit and Ranveer.

    Shetty begins the film in 1942, setting it in a fabricated past.

    Cirkus is truly a disappointing offering from Ranveer Singh, Shetty

    Cirkus is a total let down – image courtesy Cirkus teaser

    So here is how it goes, a doctor separates two sets of twins named Roy (Ranveer Singh) and Joy who are both being adopted as part of a social science experiment (Varun Sharma). A affluent business family in Bangalore adopts one Roy-Joy set, and a circus-running couple receives the other.

    Cirkus Roy learns he is immune to electric shocks and becomes the “Electric Man,” the main attraction. He is unaware that a different Roy lives thousands of miles away in Bangalore, where every time Circus Roy grabs a power cable, he literally becomes a livewire. Years go by as Cirkus Roy electrifies his twin and wraps his fists around electrical lines.

    In Cirkus, Jaqueline Fernandez plays a convincing role as Singh does; in some scenes, she might even be a little more lively. Singh is for the first time in his career both completely forgettable and overshadowed by co-stars.

    The supporting comedy ensemble, led by Sanjay Mishra, tries to liven up Cirkus with their over-the-top antics maybe to make up for Singh’s seeming sleepwalking through his parts.

    Halfway in, Singh seems to exit the plot and the supporting cast takes. More stupidity follows, as Shetty packs scene after scene with some of Hindi cinema’s most beloved comic actors, but not one punchline lands and the situational comedy is painfully humourless.


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