Karanvir Bohra is No More in Lock Upp

    Karanvir Bohra, the Lock Upp participant got evicted that took everyone by surprise. The blue team was stunned and got very emotional, teary when they learnt about his eviction. Meanwhile, Zeeshan Khan and Vinit Kakar entered as wildcard entries.

    Lock Upp is known to create lot of drama and entertainment. The Ekta Kapoor production has an varied mix of controversial contestants who have made the game more engaging.

    In the previous episode of Lock Upp, Karanvir Bohra was evicted from the show in a surprise elimination

    In the earlier episode, Zeeshan Khan and Vinit Kakar were introduced as wildcard entries. They entered the jhol room where they were asked which team they wanted to join. Both of them wrote their preferred names on placards. After that, the duo were given special powers to nominate a person for direct eviction.

    Karanvir Bohra Exits from Lock Upp, Zeeshan and Vinit Enter as Wild Cards

    Later, they met the rest of the housemates. While Zeeshan joined the orange team, Vinit joined the blue team. Both Vinit and Zeeshan had written Karanvir Bohra‘s name on the card, hence he was directly evicted from the jail.

    Ekta Kapoor’s Lock Upp is all about exciting tasks, dramatic fights, and above all, an interesting mix of some controversial contestants who are willing to do just about anything to survive. Ekta Kapoor launched the show in Mumbai on February 3.

    Lock Upp is touted to be the biggest and the most fearless reality show and is being positioned as the world’s first metaverse-based fantasy game. It is an engaging captive reality show with all the ingredients that will keep you glued to your seat – a daring celebrity host, compelling tasks and dramatic fights.

    Karanvir Bohra will be deeply missed by his team and his fans.


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