Narappa Review: Venky takes Asuran to the next level

    Narappa is as much joy as Asuran, in fact, it is a role that Venkatesh Daggupati perfected with his signature style and mastery of his own. Narappa introduces you to a village in the Anantapur district. The premise centers on Narappa (Venkatesh) and his family’s battle to safeguard a small piece of farming land from a powerful businessman Panduswami (Aadukalam Naren).

    While most of the villagers have given up their properties to Panduswami, Narappa’s 3-acre land and his family’s tough stand leave the businessman in huge agony.

    Narappa is Venky’s one of the finest hard-hitting performance

    Narappa has a knack for absorbing his pride and has perfected the art of dodging out of difficult situations, but his elder son Munikanna (well played by Karthik Rathnam) refuses to bow down to the bully. Munikanna’s asking for dignity and right to life is too much to ask for in a village, where a person’s worth is decided based on his or her caste.

    Narappa matches original Asuran Frame to Frame with tenacity

    Narappa Review- A brilliant film that keeps you engrossed through out – image courtesy youtube trailer

    Munikanna’s defiance is met with brute force and animality. Narraapa’s cry for justice falls on deaf ears. When police, village elders, and courts fail to give justice to his family, Narappa accepts his fate and tries to move on to ensure the safety of his other children. His younger son Sinabba (Rakhi), however, is not ready to accept this injustice like his father. His impulsive act, where he tries to deliver justice his own way, puts his entire family in danger. It falls on Narraapa’s shoulder to protect his son — he can either continue to play meek or wake up the sleeping monster inside him.

    Narappa, which is the official remake of Tamil hit Asuran, and director Srikanth Addala has skillfully death the remake in his own style and ensuring that every character in the film including Venkatesh deep dives into it giving his fans and audience the joy of watching him in every sequence and frame.

    Beginning with the basic premise that deals with the evils of a caste-driven society, including highlighting the oppressed lower castes alongside acts of senseless violence, and what Srikanth has done is remarkable.

    Watch Narppa online here

    Venkatesh has lived up to his hallmark as an actor who believes in himself and the character that he chooses to dive in.

    The last scene when we see Narappa taking a good look at his family and smiling before walking into the court creates the same impact as the original. The quiet and poignant moment reminds us how, for some people, life is an endless battle to get basic rights.

    Narappa is now streaming on Amazon Prime.


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