Spider Man No Way Home Review – an amazing, fun movie

    Spider Man No Way Home Review: Amazing Fun, Wholesome Entertainment

    There’s no way you won’t relate to the action-packed and emotionally riveting conclusion to Jon Watts’ Spider-Man trilogy if you love superhero movies wholeheartedly and get into the swing of things as Spider-Man slings his way around. What works in Spider-Man: No Way Home is never in short supply.

    Even if you’re only casually familiar with the world of Spider-Man and his ilk, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers’ script for Spider-Man: No Way Home is an experience to savour, especially if you’re watching it with a crowd of cheering, exulting, and howling fans reacting to every surprise and sleight that the film has in store for the audience.

    Spider Man No Way Home Review:  a brilliant cinematic affair

    Spider Man No Way Home successfully blends humour, passion, history, and heft to achieve the objective it has set for itself: to be the most complete and wonderfully entertaining superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It makes it home with plenty of effort to spare. There are two post-credits sequences that hint at more adventures in the multiverse. We will be looking forward to what lies ahead if this is any kind of long-term benchmark.

    With Spider-Man’s secret identity outed, New York City and the world, egged on by shrill newscasts on The Daily Bugle, goes into a tizzy and the population is sharply divided between supporters and haters. The people closest to him – his aunt May (Marisa Tomei), classmate and girlfriend MJ (Zendaya) and best pal Ned (Jack Batalon) – are the worst affected by the turn of events. They are charged with aiding and abating Peter’s chaos-generating vigilantism.

    In desperation, Peter requests his Avengers ally Dr Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to cast a magic spell that will make people forget Spider-Man’s antecedents. Dr Strange’s agrees to help him out but their plan does not go the way it is intended to. The spell aimed at restoring Spider-Man’s ‘secret’, breaks open the multiverse, bringing five supervillains back into the present universe from all the other universes in which Spider-Man fought and vanquished them.

    This isn’t only about a 17-year-old boy hoping to be accepted into the college of his dream along with his two best friends. It is, more importantly, about a kid learning the hard way to shoulder the responsibility of being a defender of all that is positive in this world. He deals with anguish and confusion as the revelation of his identity wreaks havoc all around him. But even with his options drying up quickly, Peter must continue to fight for what he stands for. The dangers inherent in that course of action are grave and he carries on regardless.

    The bursts of jaw-dropping, VFX-driven action sequences are punctuated with ruminative moments that are utilized for the development of the characters so that each of them has a rounded feel. Aunt May, referring to one of the scientists from another universe who has strayed into hers, says: He is lost, but not in the cosmos but in his head. Yes, that is where Spider-Man: No Way Home is at its best. It explores the notions of a multiverse and alternate realities, taking the aid of all the flights of fancy that the exercise entails. Happily, the film never loses touch with its soul.

    Spider-Man: No Way Home picks off where the last film left off. The veil of secrecy that has surrounded Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) web-slinging exploits has been ripped away. He is held responsible for Mysterio’s death. Spider-identity Man’s has now been revealed to the entire world.

    Dr Strange advocates that the adversaries be sent back to where they came from and let to meet their fates, while Spider-Man is adamant on giving them a second chance. Before sending them back to their separate universes, Peter intends to cure them.

    As Norman Osborn/Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe, reprising his role from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy) takes advantage of Peter’s ingrained sense of altruism – his dying uncle Ben Parker had said in an earlier film, “with great power comes great responsibility,” a line repeated in this film in similarly tragic circumstances – it becomes his undoing.

    Peter has since drifted away from his origins in Marvel superhero films. He returns to the beliefs that made him a crusader against evil in the first place in Spider-Man: No Way Home, as he did in the previous two films of the trilogy (Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home). The two-and-a-half-hour film is continually thrilling due to an event-filled voyage home.

    Willem Dafoe and Benedict Cumberbatch are brilliant on many scenes, leaving the actor playing the protagonist in the sidelines. It’s to Tom Holland’s credit that he holds his ground with unyielding determination, conveying the inner struggle of an average adolescent who has been given a talent but is on the verge of losing it all. Zendaya, who carves out a young lady of character and complexity in a really unforgettable star turn, is no less fiery.

    The film is packed with a continual stream of surprises (not the least of which concerns Peter Parker’s character) that will only be much diminished if revealed in a review. To put it another way, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a fantastic voyage up a highway littered with both expected and unexpected surprises and monuments.

    To conclude, Spider-Man: No Way Home is amazing and the humorous, the wild and the witty, and the nostalgic and the modern intermingle felicitously in Spider-Man: No Way Home to offer a film that is an out-and-out blockbuster while still feeling warm and intimate – no small feat.


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