The Numbers Behind the PUBG New State Game’s Quick Success

    Within just 24 hours of launching the title, PUBG New State has garnered 1 million downloads across the globe. Krafton had launched the game not too long ago and it’s already shown potential despite various minor bugs

    While some players were unable to login and the game was not able to boot at all, it did manage to get a million download milestones on Google Play.

    The game is #1 in the Top Charts on iOS and has over 40 million pre-registrations.

    PUBG New State is a part of the popular battle royale franchience but it doesn’t rely on any old-fashioned settings. We can see that a million people have managed to get their hands on the game, but the reviews it’s been getting has not been great

    Earlier, reports suggests some people having issues with unresponsive games & server disconnects. Some users couldn’t even boot up the game, with the worst scenario being that their device might spontaneously restart or crash..

    When you’re trying to play the game, it might be really distracting or difficult if your AI writer has made some mistakes that are slowing you down. That’s why Krafton acknowledges this issue & offers an update that resolves these issues whenever they happen.

    For the moment, this optional update is only available for Android devices. It changes the default graphics API settings to OpenGL ES for devices that do not support the Vulkan API. Furthermore, it fixes game crashes within Vukhan that occurred when players were entering random symbols into their save name.

    PUBG New State Device Bricking Issue Update

    PUBG New State
    PUBG: New State records highest number of registrations on day one

    New State publisher Krafton said that it had “sufficient testing” prior to the official launch, in response to complaints that the battle royale game was bricking devices. The South Korean company also noted that it had confirmed smooth functionality of the game.

    Krafton did not give any clarifications to the bricking issue that was reported by some users on social media shortly after the launch of PUBG New State earlier this week.

    In addition to the bricking issue, users also said that it is easy to bypass the age verification prompt in PUBG: New State and can play the game, even if they are not 18 or above.

    In response to the criticism, the company said it had “sufficient testing” before launching, confirming that there was not a problem with device incompatibility. The Korean company also mentioned that it had confirmed the seamless functionality of the application.“We had sufficient testing on mobile devices with similar spec to Galaxy S7 or models with 2GB RAM and have confirmed smooth functionality of the game,” the company said.

    The company has also fixed an issue where it would crash when you tried to optimize the game, they have also polished it up so stability issues are less likely.


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