Toofan Review : Twists, Ploy that does not surprise You

    After the super successful outing in Milkha Bhaag Farhan Akhtar has returned to sports with a movie that revolved around a boxer and the boxing ring. The movie opens with master coach Nana Prabhu (Paresh Rawal) tells Aziz Ali — a man with extraordinary energy and crazy speed but very poor  technique — that he must treat the boxing ring as his home.

    Toofan Review in short

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    Toofan is about Ali (Akhtar) a gangster from the Mumbai suburb of Dongri who a pro in extortion and loan collection is often through dangerous means but realises that becoming a boxer could help him to be a powerful, mightier thug. He meets Prabhu, who is hesitant to train Ali, also because he is a Muslim from Dongri. But the coach eventually gives in.

    Prabhu’s dislike towards the community stems from the demise of his young wife in a terror attack that leaves his young daughter Ananya unscathed. He resigns to the fact that all Muslims are terrorists, despite his close drinking buddy, Vinay (Mohan Agashe), emphasising time and again that this can never be true. But Prabhu’s mind has been hardened to such an extent that he even refuses to order Chinese food from a Muslim joint!

    Few years after as the movies rolls out, Ananya (Mrunal Thakur), a doctor serving in a charity hospital meant for the poor and the needy, has a thrilling encounter with Ali when he walks in with a wound on his head. When she learns that he had been in a brawl, she shoos him away.

    Toofan Review : In one word it is not toofany as one would expect

    Toofan is quite predictable with Ali back to back match winning spree as a boxer in the ring and eventually capturing the attention and heart of Ananya. Toofan brings you some unexpected tragic moments and needless scenes to prove the central character’s prowess but it actually rallies in the sporting moments much more.

    Farhan’s Toofan writers Anjum Rajabali and Vijay Maurya, with some unwanted scenes and narrative has made the movie a drag many a times. The Editing even more at the low ebb as several scenes plays on forever. Eventually the movie turns out to be cliché of love story between Ali and Ananya, a father-daughter bonding, several tear-jerkers and needless songs that weaken the main plot, and the boxing ring begins to look fading away.

    Toofan tries hard to inspire but fails in many occasions. If the writers focussed on the sporting aspect the movie would have done much more to be a true boxing entertainer. It is not a Toofan.

    Toofan is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video


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