Lollapalooza: Jackson Wang Arrival in India mired with Chaos and Confusion

    K-pop star Jackson Wang, the hugely popular star has arrived in Mumbai, India on Friday for his performance at Lollapalooza India, the city’s first global music festival. The fans mobbed the star in the airport creating chaos. However, their excitement turned into a mob scene as the singer tried to make his way through the airport to his car.

    The GOT7 star was mobbed by fans as he arrived at Mumbai airport, with many rushing towards him to take selfies and greet him. The singer, dressed in an all-black ensemble, appeared tired and uncomfortable as he was surrounded by the eager crowd. Despite the presence of Mumbai police personnel, the mob was too much for the artist to handle.

    Jackson Wang in India: Fans React to the Mob Scene at Mumbai Airport

    Videos of Jackson Wangs‘s arrival at the airport quickly went viral on social media, with fans both expressing their excitement and disappointment. Some fans were unhappy with the lack of personal space given to Jackson and commented on the paparazzi video, “Save him some personal space, looks like management fails big time.” Another fan wrote, “Please don’t try to mob him, respect his personal safety as well as personal space. Please make sure his personal space is our priority.”

    Others expressed their excitement for Jackson Wang ‘s performance and wished him a good stay in India. One fan wrote, “The power he holds… The crowd was so big even though it was midnight but am not really satisfied with security, please make sure it’s well managed next time and some of the fans did disappoint me please make sure his safety is our top most priority, okay!!”

    Confusion Over K-Pop Star Jackson Wang’s Identity

    The arrival of the K-pop star also caused confusion among some fans who mistook him for being a member of the popular band BTS. One fan wrote, “He’s a famous K-Pop idol called Jackson Wang, a famous soloist who has sold out many big arenas.”

    Jackson Expresses Excitement for India Performance

    In an interview with Rolling Stone India, Jackson expressed his excitement about coming to India. He said, “First of all, I really, really love India. Even since I’ve been an athlete, till now a performer, a singer, entertainer, I’ve traveled a lot around the world but I’ve never been to India and it’s always been on my bucket list. I just really love India and I really want to go.”

    The singer also tweeted about his arrival in India, writing, “Thank you for being there today India, please get home safe. It means a lot to me to see you all. After wanting to come here for a decade. I’m so grateful, finally I’m here. I hope I see you…”

    Lollapalooza India’s Exciting Line-up

    Lollapalooza India will be held at the Mahalakshmi Race Course in Mumbai and will feature an exciting lineup of artists over two days. Day 1 will see performances from artists such as AP Dhillon, Greta Van Fleet, Japanese Breakfast, Yellow Diaries, Imagine Dragons, and Madboy Mink. Day 2 will see performances from Divine, Diplo, Cigarettes After Sex, Jackson, Raveena, and Prateek Kuhad, among others.

    Despite the mob scene at the airport, fans are still eagerly awaiting Jackson’s performance at Lollapalooza India, which promises to be an exciting event for music lovers in the city.


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