Messi’s Argentina vs Australia: FIFA World Cup Elimination Round Hots Up

    FIFA World Cup 2022 Elimination round makes a huge start with Argentina vs Australia match. The Championship is heading to towards exciting elimination stage.

    The defending World Cup champions Argentina, in the second round of elimination round will take on the underdog Australia. All eyes will be on Messi, who has been spearheading Argentina’s world cup victory march.

    Argentina faced Poland in the FIFA World Cup 2022, dominating the match from start to finish. If Wojciech Szczesny hadn’t been playing, they would have scored more goals. Messi performed brilliantly despite missing the penalty since he created many opportunities and the entire team came through to complete the task.

    Against Messi’s Team Australia wouldn’t be intimidated by any side; following their defeat to France, they fought back and won back-to-back games. Australia, which is playing the FIFA third-ranked squad, seems to be playing with a lot of energy. Asian juggernauts are attempting to knock Argentina out of the knockout stage, and there have already been a lot of upsets.

    After placing second in Brazil 2014, the Albicelestes were ousted from the group stage of the FIFA 2018 in Russia. Australia has advanced past the group stage for the first time since 2006 at this tournament. This is actually their first opportunity to go to the quarterfinals.

    FIFA World Cup 2022 the big elimination games coming up – Argentina Vs Australia

    Argentina won two games and lost one to finish first in Group C. They lost to Saudi Arabia in their initial encounter and then defeated Mexico and Poland both by scores of 2-0. In Group D, Australia came in second place. The underdogs in the group won their next two games against Tunisia and Denmark after being defeated 1-4 by France.

    One of the top candidates to win the trophy into the FIFA World Cup 2022 competition was Argentina. The opening match was a shocker for millions of fans around the world when their team fell to Saudi Arabia 1-2.

    Argentina Vs Australia
    All eyes on Messi to help Argentina sail through the FIFA World Cup Elimination Round

    Although there was widespread concern, the South American squad won their following two games with guts, tenacity, and supremacy. Without giving up a goal, they won over Mexico and Poland with two goals each.

    Argentina has been relying too much on Lionel Messi which might either uplift or lower down the morale . However, they showed in their final group stage match against Poland that they can win even without the GOAT. The only issue will be fatigue as coach Lionel Scaloni has complained that they’ll be back to field after a little over two days of rest.


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