Mohammad Hafeez: PCB Working the Biggest Disappointment in My Life

    Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Hafeez shared his biggest disappointment in his cricketing career was Pakistan Control Board allowing tainted cricketer to play for the country.

    Hafeez revealed this on Monday announced retirement from international cricket. The 41-year-old all-rounder drew curtains on his illustrious career after taking part in 55 Tests, 218 ODIs, and 119 T20Is for Pakistan.

    Hafeez asserted that a player charged of corruption should never be allowed to play.

    “To me, the biggest disappointment and hurt of my career was when I and Azhar Ali took a principled stand on this issue, but we were told by the board chairman that if we don’t want to play, fine, but the concerned player will play,” Hafeez told reporters in Lahore earlier in the day.

    Mohammad Hafeez Pained by PCB Actions

    Mohammed Hafeez
    Mohammed Hafeez Retires takes a dig at PCB

    He also mentioned that his retirement decision was not influenced by PCB chairman Ramiz Raja’s remarks. The former Pakistan cricketer had earlier advised him and Shoaib Malik to retire from international cricket.

    “No, I had started thinking about my retirement since the 2019 World Cup but my wife and some well wishers convinced me to carry on. But I had started thinking about since then.”

    “As far as what Ramiz said or felt that is his opinion and I have always respected critics and my way has been to go out on the field and give reply to them. I have no hard feelings towards anyone in the board,” said Hafeez, before adding he is retiring from international cricket without any regrets.

    Mohammed Hafeez hoped that his decision will set an example for others to follow, urging a player should retire gracefully.

    “I took this decision because I want to set a new and positive precedent for others to follow. Players must retire gracefully, at the right time with respect, and after taking the board into confidence,” said the all-rounder.


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