Pokemon Go makes its 5th Anniversary super exciting for fans

    Pokemon Go is celebrating its 5th anniversary. On this day fans an win exciting stuff. To mark the anniversary there’s not only an in-game event to mark the occasion, there are also some other rewards to be won as well. Niantic has announced some special rewards and features for Indian players of Pokemon go and they are pretty fun.

    The in-game event, called the Fifth-Anniversary Collection will require players to catch 19 Pokemon to get 80 Pokeballs, three rare candy, and a chance to encounter a mysterious Pokemon. This in-game event is on till July 15. You also get to catch a limited edition flying Pikachu with a 5-shaped balloon. These will be appearing in the wild, so in case you are not stepping out, you can use an incense to lure them in if you are lucky.

    These two features are available to all players globally and coincide with the Pokemon Go Fest 2021. Players can buy tickets for the Pokemon Go Fest 2021 at a special anniversary price of ₹399. Ticket holders will get access to Global Challenge Arena where they can collaborate with other players globally to complete a challenge every hour. If you manage to complete this challenge you can unlock a bonus for the remainder of the hour.

    All players who manage to complete a total of 24 challenges will be able to unlock Time, Space, and a mystery bonus weeks after the Pokemon Go Fest 2021 wraps up.


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