Ravichandran Ashwin Kills “Overthinking” Tag with Intelligence

    “Overthinking” is a perception says Ravichandran Ashwin, India’s ace spinner-batsman. Reacting to the tag he has been facing for a while, the spinner says this prudence that has followed me ever since I wore the Indian jersey with pride. I have pondered about it for a while now and believe I should have seriously considered a PR exercise to erase that word out of peoples minds. Every person’s journey is special.

    Despite his glorious career and contribution to the Indian Cricket the off-spinner faces criticism over a varied range of topics on occasion.

    Ashwin is considered often as an ‘overthinker’. After the conclusion of the 2nd Test against Bangladesh, Ashwin has to face this perception again, but this time, he decided to speak out in a long thread on Twitter.

    Ravichandran Ashwin wrote “and unique, while some journeys require them to overthink it others can afford to keep it simple. The moment someone says i am an over thinker from the inside walls, I have always thought to myself “that’s the way I play my cricket and not the way I recommend others to play.”

    Finally, I think deeply about the game and share my views because I believe when ideas are shared they can multiply into miraculous achievements. The fact that it may not be popular won’t deter me cos my goal is not to win the war of words, it is to learn at the end of it.

    Further Ravichandran Ashwin wrote Disclaimer: I have had no problems with any colleague or anyone and this is just in response to some articles I read during transit. I took 13 years to understand that the word would stick on to be a menace and hope some youngster reading this thread might gain a few years.

    The response from his fans followed after watching his performance in the 2nd Test against Bangladesh : Today you played one ball at a time and that’s how you scored the win. You didn’t let emotions cloud your mission . Champion stuff against all odds !

    Another user wrote : It’s a balance. These traits are what have created success but can also be pointed out as a weakness. Similarly Dhoni is calm under pressure but some people then criticise that he is not aggressive enough. You are who you are


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