US Open 2023: What Makes 19 Year Old Coco Gauff Win So Special?

    In a stunning display of resilience and unwavering determination, 19-year-old Coco Gauff defied the odds to capture her first Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open, sending shockwaves through the tennis world.

    Gauff’s remarkable journey from reading negative comments on social media to lifting the prestigious trophy in front of a roaring crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium paints an inspiring narrative of grit and triumph.

    Amidst the high-stakes atmosphere of the U.S. Open final, Gauff, a native of Florida, found motivation where others might crumble. A mere ten minutes before stepping onto the court, she was immersed in the world of social media, absorbing comments doubting her victory. In a post-match interview, she revealed, “They were saying I wasn’t going to win today; that just put the fire in me.”

    Gauff’s story is one of overcoming adversity from a young age, navigating the weight of expectations placed on her shoulders. She remained resolute in her pursuit of greatness, continuously learning from setbacks. Now, standing in the same arena where she once watched her idols, Serena and Venus Williams, she has etched her name in history as a Grand Slam champion and a bona fide star.

    The U.S. Open final against Aryna Sabalenka had its share of ups and downs, but Gauff’s unrelenting spirit and tenacity prevailed. Despite a challenging start, she staged a remarkable comeback to secure a 2-6, 6-3, 6-2 victory, captivating the enthusiastic audience that supported her every move.

    As Gauff stepped into the post-match press conference, smartphone in hand, she couldn’t help but notice a large screen showcasing images from the match. With her new silver trophy cradled under one arm, she took a selfie with the backdrop of those iconic photos. “Right now, I’m just feeling happiness and a very, very small bit of relief,” she expressed. “Because honestly, at this point, I was doing it for myself and not for other people.”

    In a significant historical milestone, Coco Gauff becomes the first American teenager to claim the country’s major tennis tournament since Serena Williams in 1999. Her meteoric rise has turned the U.S. Open into a “Welcome to the big time!” moment, drawing the attention of prominent figures, including former President Barack Obama, who extended his congratulations.

    Coco Gauff’s Remarkable Journey: U.S. Open Champion at 19

    Coco Gauff‘s journey to this pinnacle began when, at the tender age of 15, she became the youngest Wimbledon qualifier in history and reached the fourth round in her Grand Slam debut in 2019. However, it was last year’s French Open loss to Iga Swiatek in the final that fueled her determination. “I watched Iga lift up that trophy, and I watched her the whole time,” Gauff reminisced. “I said, ‘I’m not going to take my eyes off her, because I want to feel what that felt like for her.’”

    Her path faced another hurdle earlier this year at the All England Club, where she exited in the first round. Nevertheless, with a new coaching duo in Brad Gilbert and Pere Riba by her side, Gauff embarked on an incredible run, winning 18 of 19 matches, including a 12-game winning streak culminating in her U.S. Open triumph.

    Coco Gauff
    Coco Gauff etch history at the US Open 2023

    In the final against Sabalenka, Coco Gauff‘s ability to withstand the Belarusian’s formidable power and relentless offense was a testament to her growth as a player. She broke early in the third set, displaying incredible court coverage and an unwavering spirit. Her 4-0 lead in the final set set the stage for a triumphant moment, as she dropped to the court in joy before rushing to embrace her emotional parents in the stands.

    Alongside the coveted trophy, Gauff received a champion’s paycheck of $3 million, equivalent to the prize money for the men’s champion. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1973 U.S. Open, which became the first major sports event to award equal prize money to both men and women, thanks to the efforts of Billie Jean King, a Hall of Fame player and rights advocate who was present to witness Gauff’s historic victory.

    Aryna Sabalenka, who entered the final with a stellar 23-2 record at majors in 2023 and a previous Australian Open title, will ascend to the world No. 1 ranking. Despite her defeat, Sabalenka maintained her sense of humor, quipping, “I’m definitely going for a drink tonight — if I’m allowed to say that.”

    The match was a showcase of Gauff’s unwavering fan support, with the crowd fervently backing her every move. Her pre-match TV interview, broadcasted in the arena, was met with thunderous applause, setting the tone for an electrifying atmosphere.

    As the final points unfolded, Gauff’s winners and Sabalenka’s miscues were celebrated as if the match had already concluded. By the end, Gauff had accumulated 83 points with just 13 winners, highlighting her remarkable defensive skills and court coverage.

    Sabalenka acknowledged Gauff’s superb defense and acknowledged that many mistakes were “more about me than her.” Gauff’s relentless pursuit of every ball and her ability to keep points alive proved decisive in the end.

    Now, the pressure will mount for Coco Gauff as the world wonders, “When’s the next one?” Yet, with her maturity both on and off the court, she is well-prepared to handle the challenges that lie ahead.

    “I have just been embracing every positive and negative thing that’s said about me. I realize sometimes people have different personalities and some people need to shut off the comments and not look at them. But I’m an argumentative person. I’m very stubborn,” said Gauff, reflecting her indomitable spirit and unwavering determination. “My parents know: If they tell me one thing, I like to do the other.”

    Indeed, Coco Gauff’s triumphant journey is a testament to her unyielding resolve, and it’s a story that will inspire generations to come.


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