WHO Warning – New Covid Variant Omicron Poses a “Extremely High” Global Risk

    WHO Warning: The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday that the new Omicron variety of Covid poses a “extremely high” worldwide risk and could have “serious repercussions” if there are outbreaks, adding that it is yet unclear how contagious and harmful it is.

    The Omicron strain is expected to proliferate worldwide, according to the WHO, which is asking governments to prepare by speeding up vaccinations and developing mitigation measures to ensure key health services are maintained.

    Omicron possesses an extraordinary number of spike mutations – WHO Warning

    WHO Warning

    In a statement, WHO noted, “Omicron possesses an extraordinary number of spike mutations, some of which are worrying for their possible impact on the pandemic’s course.”

    “If another big Covid-19 surge is triggered by Omicron, the effects could be catastrophic,” a technical note warned, adding that “to date, no deaths attributable to the Omicron version have been observed.”

    The organisation stated, “The overall worldwide risk associated with the novel variety of concern Omicron is graded as very high.” According to WHO, more research is needed to understand Omicron’s ability to evade immunity generated by vaccinations and previous infections.

    Omicron was named a “Variant of Concern” by the World Health Organization on Friday, joining Delta and its weaker rivals Alpha, Beta, and Gamma in the most dangerous category of Covid variations.

    In the following weeks, crucial information regarding Omicron will be released. It is believed by the WHO that it can also affect those who have been vaccinated. “In vaccinated people, COVID -19 instances and infections are expected, but in a limited and predictable proportion,” it noted.

    Omicron was discovered in at least 12 different nations after being discovered in South Africa. Botswana, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Israel, and the Czech Republic have all reported cases.

    Omicron Fear : India will make on-arrival testing mandatory

    For those travelling from countries where ‘Omicron’ has been discovered, India will make on-arrival testing mandatory. Every international visitor to India must complete a self-declaration form and present a negative RT-PCR test report. If either of these two prerequisites isn’t met, they won’t be able to enter India.


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