World Population Day 2021: Indian State announces New Family Planning Policy

    World Population Day 2021:

    The first World Population Day was marked on July 11, 1989, and today, in 2020, the world will mark its 31st Population Day.

    World Population Day 2021 was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989. It was inspired by the public interest in Five Billion Day, the approximate date on which the world’s population reached five billion people on July 11, 1987.

    Every year there is a specific theme for World Population Day and the theme of World Population Day 2021 amid the pandemic is “Rights and choices are the answer: Whether baby boom or bust, the solution to shifting fertility rates lies in prioritizing the reproductive health and rights of all people.”

    Indian State UP announced today its new family planning policy 2021

    Ahead of the state unveiling the new population policy, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today said increasing population is the root of major problems, including inequality prevailing in the society.

    “Population control is the primary condition for the establishment of an advanced society. Let us, on this ‘World Population Day’, take a pledge to make ourselves and the society aware of the problems arising from the increasing population,” Adityanath tweeted. The chief minister’s statement comes just hours ahead of the launch of the new population policy 2021-2030 via which, efforts will be made to increase the accessibility of contraceptive measures issued under the Family Planning Programme and provide a proper system for safe abortions.

    The draft law has been prepared by the Uttar Pradesh Health Department based on the findings of the National Family Health Survey-4. One of the key points in the new policy is also to make comprehensive arrangements for the care of the elderly, apart from better management of education, health, and nutrition of adolescents between 11 and 19 years.

    The draft law lists out a list of incentives and disincentives for the promotion of the two-child norm in the state.


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