Rockwell’s new covid-19 vaccine stability freezing tech to save wastage

    New covid-19 vaccine stability freezing tech is in great demand as COVID-19 vaccines are being transported to different parts of the world and within nations. Rockwell, which is a pioneering covid-19 vaccines freezing solutions player has announced a range of new freezers that help COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers to ensure that their coronavirus vaccines remain absolutely stable provide safe transportation from the plant to vaccine administration site.

    Determining the temperature requirements of potential COVID-19 vaccines is very important, according to World Health Organization and the International Air Transport Association there is likely vaccine wastage through poor temperature control is around 25% per year, logistics failures in the COVID-19 cold chain could be costly. Government is running against time to vaccinate everyone.

    COVID-19 Vaccines freezers are unique in nature

    Rockwell New Covid-19 vaccine freezer technology and products plant in Hyderabad

    According to freezer research experts Logistics associates must be capable of developing comprehensive measures, ensuring cold chains can be preserved through rapid coolant replenishment, at any given location and time. Keeping heat-sensitive vaccines and other drugs at the right temperature is crucial yet often difficult in areas with limited or no electrical power is equally challenging in different regions.

    A vaccine’s transportation journey is complex. most covid vaccines are sensitive to heat or light, they must be transported and stored under right conditions to maintain their quality, potency and minimise wastage. This requires robust and reliable cold chain equipment.

    Alternatively, there is an increasing demand for new covid-19 vaccine freezing tech to swiftly transport vaccines to certified temperature-controlled storage facilities and to manage any transit hazards. So, it is vital that the vaccines are stored in freezer that can consistently maintain temperature through the entire supply chain.

    “It’s very important and an exhaustive process to estimate the quantities of vaccine, dimensions, and external temperatures at all points during the transit . It requires not only a comprehensive understanding of logistics, but also expertise cold chain and freezer technology knowledge for vaccine stability. It is critical in maintaining the right temperature for safety of Covid 19 vaccine and that is what we solve with Rockwell freezing solutions.” Ashok Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of Hyderabad based Rockwell says.

    Rockwell has invested significantly to augment a large scale, multi-vaccine temperature stability technology in their plant to research and develop innovative technology solutions to help cold chain management in health facilities, and manufacturers of vaccines to ensure that vaccines remain safe and effective throughout their journey – from manufacturer to the patient.

    Most of the Covid 19 vaccine like Sputnik V, Pfizer, Moderna are very sensitive to temperature as these vaccines need to be stored at below -18 0 c which is very critical to its potency.

    In the recent past, we have come across many cases where instead of taking two doses of vaccine still people are affected by Corona and some of them even lost their life.

    There could be many reasons for vaccine not being effective. But as you start analysing the first and foremost doubt fall on inconsistency of temperature, which directly impacts the potency of vaccine. There is no way to check the potency of the vaccine in the field which leads to health hazard. The only way to keep up the potency of vaccines that need desired temperature is to have WHO pre-qualified standard Vaccine freezers during the transport of vaccines.

    Rockwell research and development team took the lead in developing the vaccine freezers as per the WHO PQS Standard and after 3 years of efforts, R & D Team of Rockwell achieved the goal of stringent design protocol and finally the product was tested at WHO authorized test laboratory at Denmark and got two different sizes of vaccine freezers certified. Recently, Rockwell was chosen by Dr. Reddy’s Labs to maintain vaccine-safe-temperature for Sputnik.

    The freezer can handle various harsh usage conditions in rural locations too and maintain desired temperature range, thus breaking the vaccine cold chain hurdle

    This is a huge endorsement for our Covid-19 Vaccine Freezer says Ashok Gupta, Managing Director, Rockwell Industries Ltd., “Our technology ensures that Vaccine storage management at vaccine centres will meet all the stringent refrigeration standards set forth for vaccine storage.”

    According to Dr Manju Jha, Incharge, Immunoassay lab, RUHS College of Medical Sciences, Jaipur, says, as vaccines are sensitive biological preparations, they must be stored at desired temperature to maintain the potency or its ability to adequately protect the vaccinated patient. Improper storage at undesirable temperatures can diminish the potency of vaccines. Once lost vaccine potency cannot be regained, and quality is lost.


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