New Delta Variant Study: Can you get infection post vaccination?

    New Delta Variant Study: New ICMR study has found that most Covid positive patients, who had received at least one vaccine dose before catching the infection, were infected by the Delta variant.

    On Delta Variant this is the first ICMR study which highlights analysis on breakthrough infections post-vaccination. The new study shows that most vaccinated individuals were infected by the Delta variant in India.

    New Delta Variant Study analysis 2021

    However, the death rate among vaccinated individuals was found to be very low according to the New Delta Variant Study conducted by ICMR. The clinical characterization was done on about 677 participants.

    Out of these 677 Covid positive participants, 71 had taken the COVAXIN vaccine while the rest 604 had got the Covishield vaccine. Two of the participants had also taken the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine.

    Three deaths were also reported among the vaccinated individuals.

    Delta Variant What is it?

    What is delta variant? and where did it originate –

    The Delta variant, which is the fourth variant of concern described by WHO because it’s both more transmissible than the previous variant and also has been able to resist the antibodies that we have in our blood.

    What that means is that you need a higher level of antibodies to overcome this variant as compared to, let’s say, the Alpha variant. Now, the good news is that all of the WHO emergency use listed vaccines do protect against developing severe disease, hospitalization and death due to the Delta variant.

    According to WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan, there are studies now from countries where there is a predominance of Delta variant to show that people who’ve been vaccinated are much less likely to end up in  hospital. And you need the full course of vaccination in order to give you that full immunity to protect you against the Delta variant. So the important thing is if you have access to a vaccine that’s approved by WHO, please do take it and take the full course so that you can be protected both against the Delta and other variants of COVID.


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