What is the Delta Variant Question in everyone’s mind today?

    So, What is the Delta Variant Question in everyone mind today. The biggest of all – is it transmissible outdoors? According to reports and statistics coming today from Australia, there is is a surge in outdoor transmission.

    What is the Delta Variant Question bothering everyone

    Pieter was answering a Question today about possibility of outdoor transmission of Delta Variant at the 2 stadium exposure events. While it’s less common it can still occur, and may need to consider how to account for this risk in future stadium events. #COVID19Vic

    We’re seeing outdoor transmission of the delta variant in Australia. That means it safest to wear a mask whenever you leave home, not just in indoor spaces. Face with medical mask according to Pieter Peach, Anaesthesiologist | Previously virology | Cabrini Health, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

    Delta Variant Questions remain mysterious

    Delta Variant Question
    Delta Variant : Outdoor Transmission is a cause of worry worldwide – report

    The big worry and Delta Variant Question is – are we witnessing the rise in cases of Delta Variant because of opening up of lots of outdoor-only #DeltaVariant transmission between strangers with no direct contact. It is slowly but definitely showing sings of transmission even though these sports attendees weren’t even sitting together—likely fleeting transmission at “pinch points” (bottlenecks) at stadium🏟 gates. This would change everything. Sporting events and convergence for major sporting events could cause the delta variant to spread rapidly.

    President Biden has warned in his tweet With the Delta variant on the rise across the country, it’s more important than ever to get vaccinated. Head to to find a clinic near you.

    According to reports – How is outdoor transmission even possible with #DeltaVariant but wasn’t possible before? Well, bad news from Guangdong CDC—“The viral loads in Delta infections were ~1000 times higher than (earlier) strain infections [on day 1 of positive test].”


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