365 Days Euphoria, will Netflix Oblige its audiences with No 4?

The anticipation for 365 Days 4 is growing, however Netflix had made no official statement or even hinted in making the sequel to the popular show.

Earlier, the second and third films were released one after another since they were shot back-to-back (April 2022 and August 2022). But, since the production haven’t even commenced, we will have to wait a little while as it is unknown whether a fourth film is in the works.

If there is a fourth film, it might be released in the same timeframe as the sequel to 365 Days, which took two years to make. We will have to wait until 2024 before Laura and Massimo are ever reunited.

The 2020 release of the Polish movie 365 Days has already spawned two sequels

365 Days
365 days will the audience get another sequal?

The film has generated controversy since some critics have claimed that the erotic thriller glorifies rape.

In an open letter to Netflix published in 2020, the Welsh singer Duffy, who had previously spoken out about her own experience of being kidnapped and raped, claimed that the movie “glamorises the horrible realities of sex trafficking, kidnapping, and rape.”

We might not have to wait too long until another movie is released, since Netflix has in the past relied on the first 28 days to determine the popularity of its movies or TV episodes. Watch this space for updates as soon as we learn more.

Netflix hasn’t even confirmed 365 Days 4, so filming hasn’t started, and footage will be a long way off. It was only weeks before the third movie’s release that its trailer was released.

You can now rewatch the entire Laura and Massimo trilogy on Netflix.

Netflix is currently airing The Next 365 Days.

The Polish film 365 Days premiered in 2020, and it’s already got two sequels.

The movie has spurred controversy, with some critics saying the erotic thriller glamorized rape.

The Welsh singer Duffy, who had previously gone public about her own experience of having been kidnapped and raped, had called out Netflix in 2020 in an open letter, saying the film “glamorizes the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping and rape.”


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