China Floods 2021 the most destructive ever

    Scenes on social media and news channels around the world has left people deeply pained as reports coming in today says that the devastation is unprecedented.

    So far, at least twelve died and five others were injured in the subway flood, according to city authorities, as water coursed below ground on Tuesday evening in Zhengzhou in central China’s Henan province.

    Social media platform Weibo and local media outlets carried fragments of the horror — video posts seemingly made as a final testimony — of chest-high and rising water inside carriages as lights went out on the city’s ‘Line Five’ during the commuter rush hour.

    China Floods 2021 is the fiercest in over 1000 years – Henan floods

    A male survivor named Zhang told state broadcaster CCTV: “My shirt, my backpack — everything I could throw away, I threw away. The people around me clutched onto the railings as about a dozen of us were climbing (out of the tunnel).”

    Heavy rainstorms that have battered Zhengzhou since Saturday were blamed for the calamity.

    Henan Floods batters China

    China Floods 2021 – Chinese President Says it has caused heavy casualties ever in the history of china

    Days of record rains poured down on the city of 10 million and its surroundings, but nothing prepared residents for what was about to happen. XH News update on China Floods 2021 says the Government is working hard to reduce the people pain.

    China Floods 2021 the most furious in the History of China

    China Floods 2021 – Shocking scenes of rain fury and destruction – the news facts now

    Social media blew up with messages from panicked relatives of residents in Zhengzhou desperate to reach home as communications went down.

    “Is the second floor in danger? My parents live there, but I can’t get through to them on the phone,” one user wrote.


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