9 Years later Spiderman Homecoming is still great fun

    This month the ever Amazing Spiderman turns 9 and Spider-Man fans are rejoicing as pictures of Tom Holland and Zendaya sharing a kiss in Tom’s car made their way online. The actors have been working together since Spider-Man: Homecoming, which released in 2017.

    Fans who were rooting for the on-screen couple Tom Holland and Zendaya who had fantastic on screen chemistry to date off-screen as well were ecstatic. “Ok, i been waiting for this day like since in 2017, I’m so happy for tbh,” a fan said. “TOMDAYA STANS WE WON TF!!! the fact we manifested this my tomdaya heart is fulfilled we stay winning. YALL IM LITERALLY SOBBING,” added another fan. “Omg. The way that Tom and zendaya smiled after the kiss is so precious,” a third fan wrote.

    Spider-Man: Homecoming boasts a high-school Peter Parker with no trendy superhero fear. Tom Holland, who played the teenage Peter doesn’t worry over collateral damage, dangers to civil liberties, or the psychological perils of vigilantism.

    Fans are loving the on screen chemistry of Spiderman and his girlfriend

    Andrew Garfield’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ celebrates 9 th anniversary

    What the spiderman loves is putting on his goofy costume, shooting out webs, and swinging around foiling robberies and saving good people. He watches bystander videos of himself on YouTube and gets super excited by the number of views. Catch his fun pal, Ned (Jacob Batalon), who is cheerful and has a crush on a lovely girl named Liz (Laura Harrier), who maybe likes him back.

    Now, the fate of the planet is not at stake. The movie’s villain, Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton), is doing his nasty work , basically a bank robber with a chip on his shoulder who works out of a glorified chop shop. The homecoming of the title is a high-school dance, but it also suggests a trip back to a simpler era in superheroics.

    We find Peter’s famous tagline — “Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” — taking on a new sense. In the 1960s, it was novel, insofar as most superheroes didn’t make deflating jokes mid-battle, as if they’d read their own Mad Magazine parodies. Now it reads as a declaration of independence in an interdependent superhero galaxy.

    Well, almost. There’s no such thing as total independence. Holland’s Spidey made his debut in last year’s Captain America: Civil War, and he’s Avengers adjacent whether he likes it or not. Marvel and its affiliated studios (here it’s Sony, elsewhere Disney and Fox) are in the “universe” business, which means hundreds of millions at stake on every stupid little comic-book movie.

    And so Peter Parker has a hovering father figure in Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and a surly monitor in Stark’s one-time chauffeur Happy (Jon Favreau).


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