Gulf Stream Disintegration can be Catastrophic for World Weather

    Gulf Stream collapse has sent a warning to the world, leaders, and environmentalists to care for the environment seriously. Gulf Stream, a major ocean current in the Atlantic Ocean and one of the planet’s main probable tipping points, is on the verge of crumbling down due to climate change, according to reports.

    Warning signs of disintegration is written on the wall, experts have warned. Research has found “an almost complete loss of stability over the last century” of the currents. These currents are at their lowest points in the last 1,600 years. Researchers call them Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC).

    The Cave-in of Gulf Stream will trigger extreme weather events and possibly change the world we know

    The AMOC is a collection of currents that are driven on a global conveyor carrying warm waters from the tropics and bringing back cold water from the northern Atlantic.

    These currents are driven by differences in temperature, salinity and density. It is formed by parts of several large currents like the Gulf Stream, the North Atlantic Current and the Labrador Current, among others. The current also exerts a significant portion of control on the sea level of the North Atlantic.

    The AMOC is responsible for regulating the temperatures of regions around the Atlantic Ocean — eastern North America, eastern South America, West Africa, and Western Europe. The currents are even theorised to be a part of a global system of currents that connect all the major oceans with each other.


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