India Holds Its Breath: Chandrayaan-3’s Date With Destiny to Eclipse ’15 Minutes of Terror

    A Momentous Occasion for India as the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Awaits a Historic Moment Today, August 23, 2023. Chandrayaan-3 Gears Up for a Momentous Lunar Touchdown at Approximately 6.04 pm IST.

    During the final fifteen minutes, a critical technical maneuver is poised to unfold, transitioning the lander from high-speed horizontal flight to a precise vertical descent onto the lunar landscape.

    Scheduled for today at 6.04 pm, the Chandrayaan-3 mission’s pivotal fifteen-minute phase will determine its triumph.

    The live broadcast of the Chandrayaan-3 landing event will be available on the official ISRO website, ISRO’s official YouTube channel, ISRO’s Facebook page, and DD National. The coverage will begin at 5:27 pm on August 23rd.

    Chandrayaan-3: Understanding the Significance of the “Fifteen Minutes of Terror”:

    The closing quarter-hour of the lunar mission stands as the pivotal juncture that will ascertain the venture’s triumph or setback. Notably, ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 mission met an abrupt halt during this crucial phase. Back then, ISRO chairman Dr. K Sivan aptly dubbed this phase as the “15 minutes of terror.”

    Chandrayaan-2’s mission faltered as the Vikram lander failed to execute a seamless shift from horizontal to vertical alignment. Control was lost mere kilometers from the moon’s surface. The intricate nature of this final stage remains a formidable challenge, prompting renewed concern among scientists.

    Timing and Date for Chandrayaan-3’s Lunar Landing

    Chandrayaan-3 is slated to touch down on the moon’s surface today, August 23, 2023, at 6.04 pm.

    Where to Witness Chandrayaan-3’s Landing

    ISRO plans to broadcast the live stream of Chandrayaan-3’s mission on its official website, Live coverage will also be available on ISRO’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

    Additionally, major news networks will provide live telecasts of the event.

    Virtual Presence of PM Modi During the Landing

    Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi participates in the 15th BRICS summit in South Africa, he is set to virtually witness the landmark achievement of Chandrayaan-3’s lunar landing.

    ISRO’s Vision: Chandrayaan-3’s Odyssey to the Southern Moon Pole

    ISRO’s proclamation emphasizes that Chandrayaan-3 stands poised to etch history with its targeted landing at the moon’s southern pole. The soft landing is scheduled for 6.04 pm IST. People worldwide are rallying with well-wishes, rituals, and prayers, uniting for the success of this momentous lunar touch.


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