Google Bard AI chatbot now in India: New Updates and Response Format

    Google Bard AI chatbot now accessible in India via the official website. Google has rolled out its generative AI chatbot Bard in India and more than 180 countries. Interested users can access the chatbot via the Google Bard official website at Right now, Bard is available in US English, Japanese and Korean, and Bard is readying to speak as many languages as possible.

    The Google Bard AI chatbot, which was previously only available in the UK and US, offers several unique features and benefits compared to its competitors, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT. With Bard now accessible to Indian users, individuals can interact with the chatbot to get answers to their queries, take advantage of its advanced response capabilities, and much more.

    Although the chatbot is still being tested, users can select the ‘try Bard’ option after agreeing to the privacy permission to access it. Google Bard was launched in February this year, and it is a direct competitor of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

    The launch of Google Bard in India was announced at the company’s annual event, Google I/O 2023, where the tech giant unveiled 25 new products and features powered by PaLM 2, its advanced language model.

    During the event, Google’s team also revealed that Bard would receive major upgrades to become more “visual” in its responses. This move marks an important step for Google in the field of AI chatbots, as the company looks to compete with other major players in the market.

    Google I/O 2023 event showcases PaLM 2 and the future of Google Bard

    During Google’s annual event, also saw the launch of 25 new Google products and features powered by PaLM 2, Google’s latest language model. Google’s team shared some details about the future of Google Bard AI Chatbot, stating that the AI chatbot would get major upgrades and become more “visual” in its responses over time.

    Google Bard offers multiple drafts for a single query, allowing users to choose the best response. In contrast, OpenAI’s ChatGPT follows a more natural typing process for responses. As more updates are expected to roll out for both platforms, users can expect to see improvements in their functionality and features.

    Google Bard AI chatbot vs. ChatGPT: Differences and updates

    While both chatbots have their own unique features and benefits, users in India can now access Google Bard and explore its capabilities firsthand.

    Google Bard AI chatbot

    One significant difference between Bard and ChatGPT is that Bard will stay updated with the latest developments. ChatGPT has been trained on data limited until September 2021, while Bard can cite resources if it picks large chunks of data from a single web page.

    Additionally, Google Bard offers multiple drafts for a single query, enabling users to choose from different responses. Unlike ChatGPT, which follows a more natural way of typing out responses, Bard provides the entire response in one go.

    How to access Google Bard AI Chatbot , How to access it

    To access Google Bard AI Chat bot log on to the official website here

    How Bard works?

    LLM experiences (Bard included) can hallucinate and present inaccurate information as factual. One example is that Bard often misrepresents how it works. We’ve seen this occur in a number of instances—for example, in response to prompts asking how it was trained or how it carries out various functions (like citing sources, or providing fresh information).

    Bard responses may also occasionally claim that it uses personal information from Gmail or other private apps and services. That’s not accurate, and as an LLM interface, Bard does not have the ability to determine these facts. We do not use personal data from your Gmail or other private apps and services to improve Bard. More information about how we keep your data private, safe, and secure can be found in the Google Privacy Policy.

    Can I delete my data from my Google Account?

    Yes, Bard has provided a link to managing your data. You can always turn off saving your Bard activity, and you can always delete your Bard activity from your account at

    Even when Bard Activity is off, your conversations will be saved with your account for a short period to allow us to provide the service and process any feedback. This activity will not show up in your Bard Activity.

    Emphasizing on the chatbot’s shortcomings, Google has stated that Bard is still experimental, and some of its responses may be inaccurate. The company urges users to double-check information in Bard’s responses.


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