Kim Kardashian Met Gala Outfit Hilariously Trolled

    When Kim Kardashian arrived at the Met Gala, she stunned everyone with her Balenciaga head-to-toe black dress. It was a very daring look for the 2021 Met Gala on Monday night when several celebs landed for the event. The reality star Kardashian and Skims designer head-to-toe black Balenciaga was the talk of the event, and in the social media had a gala trolling the celeb. And, she was the trending star.

    Though she wasn’t the only celebrity with a crazier than crazy outfit for the annual event, known for its insane costumes and themes, people on social media certainly had a gala talking about Kardashian’s look with memes.

    Who wore better ? Kim Kardashian or me

    One celeb who did not attend the star-studded event, comedian Leslie Jordan, even recreated Kardashian’s look with his own all-gray version.

    “Who wore it better? Clean underwear equals fashion brilliance!!!” he posted.

    Many compared her to dementors, the soul-sucking ghouls from the “Harry Potter” series.

    “kim & kanye entering the met gala looking like two dementors,” @here4agoodtimex tweeted.

    (Kardashian’s ex, rapper Kanye West, did not actually attend the event.)

    An “Alien” comparison also made the rounds online.

    “Kim K showing up in my Sims backyard after I took the ladder out of the pool,” @Jimmycoco1 quipped.

    Kardashian met gala outfit is trending

    Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian Outfit at Met Gala is trending –

    Another one on Twitter was even more hilarious – Kendall: Kim is that you? Kim: Oh my god Kendall? I Can’t see you


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