Spotify Big Star is K-Pop Playlist with 5 billion minutes streamed

    Spotify‘s biggest and most popular star is K-pop Playlist. The music streaming platform has revealed its users have listened to over 5 billion minutes of the streaming platform’s most popular K-pop playlist. Launched on September 12, 2014, the “K-pop Daebak” playlist has since garnered over 3.1 million followers during its seven years on the music app.

    Though it’s not the only popular playlist related to K-pop, or even South Korean music, on Spotify, K-pop Daebak’s reach and impact are incredible.

    K-pop Daebak has garnered over 3.1 Million Followers during the 7 years on the Music app

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    The first official K-pop playlist on Spotify, and therefore curated by the app rather than individuals, K-pop Daebak’s playlist has mostly been enjoyed by Gen Z, with over 50 percent of listeners aged 18 to 24. The next biggest group of listeners were aged 25 to 29, counting for about 20 percent of streams.

    Spotify reported that the playlist’s audiences primarily came from 10 countries. Listed by most listeners, they were: the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

    As of June 30, Spotify’s website claims the platform is used by over 365 million active users, including 165 million subscribers, across 178 regional markets.

    The seven-year anniversary for the K-pop Daebak playlist is an important milestone in the world of K-pop, as the standard legal contracts many artists sign with their companies expire after the same time period. Historically, many K-pop groups have disbanded, or reaffirmed their bond together, around their seventh anniversary.


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