Now Traffic Violators To Get E-Notice In 15 Days – India

    Beware, Traffic Violators – Under the latest and new notification by the Transport Ministry of India, state enforcement agencies will have to send a notice ( traffic challan) to the Traffic Offenders within 15 days of the crime relating to violation of traffic rules. Also, electronic records must be stored until the settlement of the invoice.

    Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways has issued a notification under the Amended Motor Vehicles Act, 1989 for electronic surveillance and enforcement of road safety under which electronic devices will be used for issuing challans.

    Traffic Violaters Beware, e-notice rules tightened by Ministry

    The ministry tweeted that the information to traffic violators would be sent within 15 days of the occurrence of the offence, and the electronic records collected through electronic surveillance should be stored till the disposal of challan.

    State Govts shall ensure that such devices are placed at high-risk / high-density corridors on NHs, State Highways & at critical junctions, at least in major cities with more than 1 million population, including 132 cities mentioned in the notification.


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