Runway 34 New Trailer – Ajay Devgn’s mid-air tale looks promising

    Runway 34 New Trailer is out, and the Ajay Devgn, Amitabh Bachchan trailer No. 2 offer a great promise to its audience. It builds the thrill in mid-air, and the audience could expect a good entertainment in cinemas.

    Devgn, who wears the hat of an actor and the director plays a pilot Vikrant Khanna who has to manage to land his flight amid extremely bad weather conditions. The passenger plane also has Rakul Preet Singh as she stars as his co-pilot.

    The story narrates the pilot’s presence of mind and that thrill as the pilot and co-pilot hustle hard for the passenger plane to land safely.

    There’s a lot more than meets the eye with this movie as Amitabh Bachchan plays an investigating officer who pledges to uncover the real intentions of pilot Vikram Khanna who chooses Runway 34 to land.

    According to Vikram, during such testing times onboard, on one hand a pilot becomes the only saviour for the passengers. But on the other hand, everything that happens in the plane also becomes his responsibility. The movie also stars Boman Irani, Adhira Dhar and Aakanksha Singh.

    Runway 34 New Trailer Adds More Excitement about the Film

    Runway 34 Trailer
    Amitabh Bachchan in Runway 34 – image courtesy movie promo

    Runway 34 also stars Boman Irani, Adhira Dhar and Aakanksha Singh.

    Ajay Devgn’s Runway 34 looks like a gripping tale set 35,000 feet above ground. But this isn’t your regular story of a plane mishap or its survivors. The movie’s second trailer, which released on Monday, reinstates that there’s more to the plot than what meets the eyes.

    The film is said to have been inspired from true events. As per the synopsis, “Runway 34 revolves around Captain Vikrant Khanna played by Ajay Devgn, a flying prodigy, whose flight takes a mysterious course after take-off from an international destination.”

    Ajay Devgn who is making his directorial return after 2016’s Shivaay, previously said, “It’s got terrific highs, alarming lows, a sense of jubilance and dejection, all within the screenplay. Honestly, letting this script just pass me by, was not even a consideration. I knew I had to make it.”

    ‘Runway 34’ will release on April 29.


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