Shinzo Abe Condition Unknown, The World waits with bated breath

    The condition of Japan’s former prime minister Shinzo Abe who was on Friday shot at in the city of Nara, is unknown, Government and media reports says he is undergoing treatment. As of now, Abe is not conscious and is showing no vital signs, media reports said.

    A tearful Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told the press that his predecessor Shinzo Abe is in a “critical condition” and that doctors are doing “everything they can to save him”.

    Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said Shinzo Abe was shot at around 11.30 am (local time). Shinzo Abe was shot during a campaign speech Friday in western Japan and was airlifted to a hospital but he was not breathing and his heart had stopped, officials said.

    Local fire department official Makoto Morimoto said Abe was in cardio and pulmonary arrest after being shot and was taken to a prefectural hospital.

    Global leaders have expressed shock and concern over the news of attack on Shinzo Abe

    A suspect has also been arrested by the Japanese law enforcement agencies for attempt to murder, the report further added. The man appeared to be in his 40s and a gun had reportedly been confiscated.

    Japanese PM Fumio Kishida said Shinzo Abe is in “severe condition”, adding that he hopesd Abe will survive.

    “(It) is a despicable act of barbarity that occurred when an election, which is the basis of democracy, is being held and is totally unacceptable,” Kishida said.

    Multiple shots were fired by attacker, who has now been arrested, TBS newtork said. Abe has been hit in left chest, one appeared to have hit his neck, TBS said.

    Abe was taken to a hospital bleeding as he collapsed after the attack while delivering a speech, local media reported. The former Japanese PM appeared to be in cardio-respiratory arrest.

    “Such an act of barbarity cannot be tolerated,” Matsuno

    Abe has served two terms as prime minister to become Japan’s longest-serving premier. He stepped down in 2020 citing ill health.


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