Stunned To Know I Am Not Emotion Proof – Malaika Arora

    World Mental Health Day is celebrated today (Sunday – 10th October). Actress Malaika Arora who has seen so many upsides and downsides in her private and professional life is giving us every reason to sit and introspect, especially amid this corona crisis.

    Malaika Arora took to her Instagram handle to share an interactive post asking her fans and followers to share their stories on the wellbeing of mental health. The actress shared how yoga has helped her “survive” and see life from a completely different perspective.

    Malaika Arora
    Malaika Arora – image courtesy instagram

    “Tomorrow, the 10th of October is World Mental Health Day. Here is a little confession. I thought I was bulletproof until it hit me that I wasn’t emotion proof. My mind started to play games with me the rules of which I didn’t know. I survived because of yoga,” the 47-year-old star Malaika Arora wrote in her note.

    Today is World Mental Health Day – Malaika Arora shares her views

    Mental health and inequality have been two of the biggest conversations over the past 18 months, so 2021’s theme for World Mental Health Day (October 10) – ‘mental health in an unequal world’ – could not be more fitting.

    And joining up these conversations makes sense, as inequality and mental health are issues that continuously overlap, through society and through the course of our individual lives.

    Why is the theme of ‘mental health in an unequal world’ so important?“It’s become obvious – if anyone wasn’t already aware – that we do live in a very unequal world, whether that’s access to vaccines or conditions people are living in that have made them more vulnerable.

    The pandemic has found those inequalities and exacerbated them. In relation to mental health, we know the effect of the pandemic has not just been physical, there’s been a clear impact on mental health, as people have struggled with the effects of grief, isolation and fear.


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