Pope Francis’ Battles Respiratory Infection, Amid Hopes and Prayers

    Pope Francis spent a peaceful night in Rome’s Gemelli hospital after he was hospitalized with a respiratory infection on March 29. Despite initial concerns, medical staff expressed optimism about his recovery, and nursing staff have said they expect him to be discharged soon, possibly in time for Palm Sunday celebrations on April 2.

    The Vatican has confirmed that the 86-year-old pontiff has been diagnosed with a respiratory infection that requires “a few days” of treatment.

    The Holy See Press Office Director, Matteo Bruni, has said that the pope was grateful for the prayers and support of those who had reached out to him. Bruni had earlier stated that the pope was at the hospital for some previously scheduled checkups. The Vatican has excluded COVID-19 as the cause of his illness.

    Pope Francis’ health has been the subject of increased scrutiny in recent years. He has undergone colon surgery and begun using a wheelchair or walking stick due to chronic knee pain. This latest hospitalization has led to speculation about a possible resignation on health grounds, following the historic precedent of his late predecessor Benedict XVI.

    In an interview with Italian Swiss television RSI broadcast on March 12, Francis said that he would consider resignation if he experienced “a tiredness that doesn’t let you see things clearly. A lack of clarity, of knowing how to evaluate situations.”

    World Leaders and Catholics Worldwide Pray for Pope Francis Speedy Recovery

    Pope Francis Health Update

    Pope Francis’ hospitalization is a cause for concern for many, but there is hope for a swift recovery. Let us keep the Holy Father in our thoughts and prayers during this time.

    The 86-year-old pontiff was taken to Rome’s Gemelli hospital on Wednesday and diagnosed with a respiratory infection that required “a few days” of treatment, the Vatican has said.

    Pope Francis has been admitted to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome for “some days” after being diagnosed with a respiratory infection. The Vatican confirmed the news in a statement on March 29. The statement indicated that the pope had been experiencing difficulty breathing and underwent medical tests at the hospital. Although COVID-19 infection was excluded, the medical results showed a respiratory infection that requires appropriate medical treatment.

    Pope Francis has a history of chronic knee pain and wheelchair reliance. He had colon surgery in July 2021 at Gemelli Hospital due to diverticulitis, with a 10-day recovery period.


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