Tragic Death of Dr. Vandana Das Sends Shockwaves in Kerala’s Medical Community

    Following the tragic loss of Dr. Vandana Das, 23, an intern at the Kottarakkara taluk hospital in Kollam district, stabbed to death by a school teacher, S Sandeep, on May 10, 2023, the news has left The medical community in Kerala, India, in shock and mourning. Vandana was on duty at a government hospital.. The incident has left the medical fraternity outraged and devastated, with many calling for stricter safety measures to protect healthcare professionals in the line of duty.

    Dr. Vandana was an outstanding medical student, having studied at the Azeezia Institute of Medical Science in Kollam. Her family, from Manjoor in Kottayam district, was immensely proud of her accomplishments. Just a few months ago, after she completed her final year MBBS exams, the family erected a name board on their gate that read “Dr. Vandana Das MBBS.” Her parents, businessman K G Mohandas and homemaker Vasanthakumari, had eagerly been awaiting her return from her internship, but instead, they were left grieving the loss of their only daughter.

    The attack on Dr. Vandana Das occurred at around 4:30 am on May 10, 2023, when S Sandeep was brought to the hospital by police for a medical examination. The accused, a 42-year-old school teacher at an upper primary school in Nedumpana, had called the Kollam district police control room around midnight, alleging that he had been attacked by someone. The police alerted the Pooyappalli police station, but Sandeep’s phone was switched off, and he could not be located. At around 4 am, Sandeep called the police again, claiming that he had been attacked and requested their assistance.

    The police eventually found Sandeep near the house of another person, where he had injuries on one of his legs and was under the influence of alcohol. They took him to the government taluk hospital at Kottarakkara, where he was examined in the casualty ward. Sandeep then turned violent and attacked a home guard who was accompanying the police team. He proceeded to attack a policeman on duty at the hospital, as well as another person. Dr. Vandana Das was in the dressing room at the time and was unable to escape. Sandeep then turned on her, stabbing her multiple times in the chest and neck, causing fatal injuries.

    Kerala Demands Justice for Slain Doctor Vandana Das

    The brutal attack on Dr. Vandana Das has sparked outrage among the medical fraternity, with doctors calling for better safety measures to protect healthcare workers on duty. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has strongly condemned the incident, stating that attacks on doctors and healthcare workers have become far too common in recent years. The IMA has called for urgent action to address the issue, including stricter penalties for those who attack healthcare professionals.

    In Kerala, attacks on healthcare professionals have been on the rise, with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers often becoming the target of violence from disgruntled patients or their relatives. In response to the rising violence, the Kerala government has taken steps to increase security measures at hospitals, including deploying more police officers and installing CCTV cameras. However, doctors and other healthcare professionals argue that more needs to be done to ensure their safety, including providing better training to handle violent patients and their families.

    The horrific incident has sent shockwaves throughout the state and sparked outrage among the medical fraternity, who are demanding better security measures in hospitals. Kerala Health Minister Veena George has condemned the attack and promised that justice will be served. The police have arrested the accused and charged him with murder.

    The tragic death of Dr. Vandana Das has not only shattered the dreams of her family and friends but has also raised questions about the safety of medical professionals. Doctors and healthcare workers are the backbone of our society, and their safety and security must be a top priority. It is high time that the government takes concrete steps to ensure their safety in hospitals and medical facilities. No medical professional should fear for their life while doing their duty. We must all come together to demand justice for Dr. Vandana Das and to make sure that such a heinous crime never happens again.


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